Leaving on USB charger all day okay?

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  1. ckyllr

    ckyllr Member

    I have a desk job that I'm pretty much at my desk 90% of the time and was wondering if I have it hooked up to my PC through USB cable and have it fully charged all day, is that okay to do?

    Meaning I rather siphon off the power from the PC instead of the battery which might conserve it in the long run from not cycling as much. I use to do that with my Iphone 3g and my battery was still good after using it for almost 2 years.

    I wasn't sure how the power management was handled on the Captivate meaning is it sucking power from the battery and it's constantly recharging or if it sees that it's connected via USB, it powers the phone from the PC or outlet.

    Please let me know... I don't want to damage my battery if this isn't good for it.

  2. SeriousBizznass

    SeriousBizznass Well-Known Member

    It stops charging when it gets to 100%, I'd say it is fine.
  3. skinien

    skinien Well-Known Member

    Most chargers now have an IC chip that protects your device when it's fully charged. You should be okay... but, my OCD doesn't allow me to leave the phone plugged in when it's charged, haha.
  4. mckooter

    mckooter Well-Known Member

    my ocd won't let me leave the phone not plugged in all day, then itd get to 99%, then id plug it back in, wash, rinse, repeat.

    i need to always be at 100%, that way if an emergency arises i have plenty of time to spare.

    when my child was born i made it though the entire first night (long labor) with ipod playing from my old iphone because i kept it 100% all the time :)
  5. ckyllr

    ckyllr Member

    What does "OCD" stand for? Not familiar with this term.

    Well... I guess it seems that it would be okay to keep it on charger all the time if you can.

    Too bad they don't make a dock for this... well... besides the samsung one that costs too much that does nothing.
  6. Ph8

    Ph8 Well-Known Member

    OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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