Leaving the droid X

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  1. Gryfalcon

    Gryfalcon Member

    Well leaving the droid X forums and the droid x. Just got myself a brand new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and man is it nice! Grandfathered into it with unlimited data and added tethering to it. :D

  2. mfinn

    mfinn Active Member

    I did too.
    Did you trade-in your DX?
    Where, how much?
  3. Gryfalcon

    Gryfalcon Member

    Kept the dx as a backup went to the verizon store and did a upgrade for another 2 years.
  4. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    good choice in phones, hope you will be as happy with your razr as you were with your dx :)
  5. stereoeclectic

    stereoeclectic Well-Known Member

    interesting. verizon? can you grandfather from unlimited 3g to unlimited 4g?
  6. JediZombie

    JediZombie Well-Known Member

    I believe it's "Unlimited Data" that matters. I will soon be switching to the Razr as well but don't have to worry about any 4g, I have to drive 1.5 hours south to get to 4g coverage area. But the data is what matters, 3g-4g-5g-12g, all data.
  7. Gryfalcon

    Gryfalcon Member

    Yes you can grandfather the unlimited data with Verizon. I did it when I moved to the razr maxx.
  8. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Enjoy your upgrade, bro! :D
  9. Gryfalcon

    Gryfalcon Member

    Thanks! Am so enjoying the new phone lol even signed back up to netflix to give it a try on the phone :D
  10. Exiled

    Exiled Well-Known Member

    Same with me! Just bought the Razr Maxx on Amazon, and VZW grandfathered me into the unlimited 4g. I was in no hurry to upgrade phones (and thought I wouldnt get an upgrade until august) but then the rep told me that not only could I upgrade today, but I could get 4g for the same price I pay now. So why the heck not? Super excited to get my Maxx in the mail tomorrow!
  11. acoastal

    acoastal Well-Known Member

    I also just upgraded from my Droid X, but I got an HTC Rezound. I will miss my DX, as it was my first Android device. I'm loving the Rezound though (especially since unlocking it and flashing an ICS rom), and I don't regret the decision...yet. I saw a window where I could get a great deal on the HTC, avoid the new upgrade fees coming, and grandfather my unlimited data to 4G.
    If it wasn't for those last two issues (avoiding fees and keeping unlimited data), I probably would have held on to my DX for quite some time.
  12. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I've heard good things about the Rezound... good luck with it. :D
  13. rehpyc

    rehpyc Well-Known Member

    Running MIUI ICS has me feeling I could keep the X for QUITE some time.. no phone really entices me yet. The only thing somewhat urging me to go with a new phone is that nobody knows how long Verizon will honor the grandfathering of unlimited data!
  14. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Here's my take on new phones....

    Wow, smooth, fast, nice screen, 4G is fast.

    Where'd the battery go? :D
  15. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Except the Maxx. If the next round of phones (SG3, Inc4G, RazrHD) don't impress me, I might have to go with the Maxx too!
  16. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    A buddy at work picked up the Razr at the same time I got the Nexus. He didn't like battery life and wanted to change to the same phone as me (the Nexus isn't known for a great battery) until I suggested the Maxx. Turns out he had to pay the initial upgrade cost, then $50 for restocking, then the extra $100 for the Maxx
  17. Barkleyfan

    Barkleyfan Well-Known Member

    Maxx is worth every penny. I now have one on 3 lines. 3 months, no regrets.
  18. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    With the new $100 discount that is supposed to be coming out, I might be jumping over to the Maxx.
  19. ricksievers

    ricksievers Well-Known Member

    I might too.
  20. android.convert

    android.convert Well-Known Member

    MAXX is awesome but i'm not paying $299 at this point.
  21. viebroccoli

    viebroccoli Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong, but if you're upgrading from a 3G phone to a 4G phone, you're eligible for a $100 discount. You have to ask for it though.
  22. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I thought that expired last month.
  23. android.convert

    android.convert Well-Known Member

    I think your right, no matter im holding out.
  24. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Well I went and looked at phones yesterday. I liked the size of the Nexus screen, but I liked the Rezound screen the best. The Nexus and Maxx screens had a significant yellow tint to them that I didn't like.

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  25. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Most roms and kernels these days have a gamma and color adjustment so you can tweak the colors a lot. If it's yellow and you prefer pink, green, blue (or white), you can dial it how you want it to look.

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