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  1. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    I will be selling my Triumph and Optimus V so I can get the Nexus 4. Goodbye crappy VM service, hello new crappy service! Still, I am not dumping you guys. I may keep the Triumph for some months and I will at least update my FAQ and continue to provide assistance before I leave. Like with g60, after seeing Jelly Bean and being stuck on Froyo, I have seen enough. Hoping this leads to greener pastures. I may still stop around once in a while. :) By the way, even though I have my Nexus 4 and I am switching to T-Mobile, the Triumph will be around for a while, until I sell it or it croaks. Anyhow, it will be useful for updating the FAQ and doing testing. I refuse to leave! At least for a few months until my job is done. But I will more than likely return in full force.

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  2. treysmith

    treysmith Well-Known Member

    I don't blame you Froyo is old and outdated and Virgin Mobile service sucks most of the time.

    I'm currently running EVO V 4G 4.0.3 ICS with Sense 3.6 on Virgin Mobile.
    I was worry about not receiving MMS and SMS messages and not receiving 4G data speed.
    Thank god, Virgin Mobile release updates for EVO V 4G.
    Now I received all MMS and SMS messages and prefect 4G data speed.

    I'm also currently running Boost Mobile LG Venice 4.0.4 ICS.
    I love taking pictures with panrama camera.

    I'm still keeping my Motorola Triumph, because of g60 CM7 Rom.

    I appreciate devs hard work for making CM7 and CM9 beta.
    Thanks, devs for y'all hard work.
  3. Grumpy Zombie

    Grumpy Zombie Active Member

    Same here, I bought the 8gig version a week ago. I fell into the 8-9 week bracket, but hopefully it gets here before that! You going to the TMobile 30 a month plan as well?
  4. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    Everyone's leaving! i would be too if i could fix the screen on my galaxy nexus!
  5. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    Thanks to tickerguy, g60 and MT DEV, I'm not leaving.

    The MT may not be the best phone, but it ain't the worse (remember the intercept). Thanks to the above mentioned I have been running cm7 for a year. That and my grandfathered plan will keep me around for a while.
  6. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm with you there. I get these phones for me and my wife just for the plan. I saved enough to pay for the phones in 11 months. And in my area I have had great service. Not the awesome download speed others have reported, but almost always had 3g. And to add to the thank you list :Whyzor, mantera, b_random14, Isaac, chairshot, BSidz, and I know there were others who were involved in my obsession.
  7. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    Yep. T-Mobile's low plan rates are definitely attracting me! Despite them being higher than VM, they can be used with unlocked phones. Those actually get updates! Just sick of having to hack everything to work. Sick of the OEMs and carriers ruining Android. CM should be like an extra topping to the Android desert, not something necessary for the GPS to work and random reboots to stop! If it wasn't for MTDEV, I would have dropped the Triumph long ago.
  8. alaskn81

    alaskn81 Well-Known Member

    I was lucky enough to order in the 1-2 week bracket on the 27th, got my Nexus 4 yesterday. Just waiting for my number to port over. I'll be on the $30 T-mobile plan.
  9. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    By the way, minus the camera (which is next to impossible for MTDEV to solve easily without source code), I must admit for a year old prepaid phone the Triumph wasn't half bad, thanks to MTDEV and the previous community devs. Otherwise, I would have chocked this POS out the window. My problem is the hardware (half-functioning buttons, not enough RAM for me, single core processor) that is holding me back. MTDEV has managed to fix 90% of the software problems. Despite such a massive upgrade to ICS, the Triumph is still somewhat smooth, can multitask (albeit slowly, once again hardware limitation), and the graphics drivers are quite snappy. This episode of Moto and VM stupidity has driven me away from VM, Moto, and any non-Nexus Android devices. I'm not one for walled gardens of content, so the iPhone and Windows Phone are out of the question. RIM is now reinventing Blackberry, and plus BB is targeted at businesses. So maybe I can get a decent Android phone. All over XDA there have been countless petitions, complaints, and warnings all related to non-Nexus Android devices. However, now I cannot stand Android without root, CyanogenMod (don't care too much for other custom ROMs) and all my root apps. So I was lucky enough to find g60, help him bug test back in the day, and eventually find more devs. I provided support and bug testing, they done the coding. It was indeed a wonderful experience. But since something tells me the Nexus 4 (despite all the complaints) will blow the Triumph out of the water. That means no problems to fix, only new features and customizations to introduce. I'm so used to bug testing and providing support for this phone I would get bored with the Nexus 4 quickly. I need a productive hobby, so until I manage to start coding when I get far enough into college, I am more than likely going to keep coming back here on a regular basis. Sad thing is that I too, am addicted to fixing people's issues with the Triumph. I just feel like it violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights to go onto a better phone and leave everyone with the Triumph without any help. I believe VM and Moto both violated UN regulations by crapping out on us. Plus, VM would go out of business, since MTDEV has saved them returns due to a crappy GPS, random reboots, slowness, and old OS, and an overpriced phone for the times, thus they would also have people whom had bricked their device flashing something ancient and they would go out of business. If only there was some way to make VM & Moto feel our pain (nothing violent/illegal of course!) without hurting the community... Perhaps send them a Triumph Birthday cake saying "Congratulations! Boatloads of profits, but no updates or support!" made out of black licorice, stale cake, and cheap spoiled whipped cream icing. It would only fit them and hopefully give Sir Richard Branson a serious case of the craps. That would be the community's revenge against corporate greed and carelessness. And everyone would laugh until the cows come home. End rant.

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