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  1. seyess

    seyess New Member

    I'm thinking about purchasing HTC Tattoo and I'd like to know a few things first.

    • Does the display turn off completely after some time? Or is there still small status bar (like on normal phones) that you could use to tell whether there is missed call/SMS and perhaps clock?

    • And, more importantly, is there some kind of status LED present, that could tell you the same thing? If there is, is it easy to notice (good position and blinks somewhat frequently, not like my work phone where I have to stare 10 seconds on some tiny spot to see whether it flashes or not)?

    Thank you for your time and answers :) (oh and apologies for my poor english)

  2. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    The display goes off completely after a time out.

    There is a bi-color LED (red/green) used for the battery charger and the notifications.

    Normally this led blinks red when battery is low and green for notifications.

    In my case (Tattoo no brand) the led stops blinking after a while when I receive SMS, I don't know why
  3. seyess

    seyess New Member

    Thank you for your reply, it helped a lot!

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