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    Feb 14, 2013
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    Been given this phone to fix (Xperia Mini ST15).

    Firstly the problem was, woke up one morning and the phone was dead completey, no response to anything, so after putting in a charged battery it came on but was boot looping, but it took about 3 - 4 attempts just to get the sony logo up (It doesnt vibrate when the logo comes up either). It wouldnt even get to the Xperia boot screen, just went blank then started again.

    After a bit of messing about I managed to get it to still go into Flashboot mode (green led) when plugged into the PC, used a program (forget the name) and I got pretty much knowhere apart from the phone displaying a yellow warning triangle and a phone on its back, then goes off and starts doing it again (as if its bootlooping again).

    So I used SEUS to update the phone and it came back as sucessful, it asked me to start the phone and all I got was the sony ericsson logo, no vibration then turned off and displayed a red flashing led. Now this is all it does whether its plugged into the charger or the USB, ive pressed all combernation of buttons possible and it will not come out of this mode its in!

    SEUS and PCC dont respond to the phone even though the drivers are install, but again my PC just sees it as 'Unknown device'.

    Its it broken ? :(

    Thank you!


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