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Led Camera Flash not WorkingSupport

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  1. Exhibit2gee

    Exhibit2gee New Member

    I was using my flash for about 10 min or so, I would let it run, then I would give it a few minutes to cool down, then let it run again. I went out with some friends, tried to take some pics and the flash wouldn't turn on. I'm assuming the led burnt out? IF that's the case anyone know where to find parts for the phone? It doesn't turn on at all, I tried rebooting, taking out the battery, flicking the switch on and off and got nothing.

    Any help in regards to fixing this situation appreciated.


  2. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    Just call up Tmobile support. If your phone is still with in warranty they will replace it for free. I had the same problem with my first phone.

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