LED Me Know App, sometimes keeps blinking.

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  1. mackinley

    mackinley Active Member

    Hey I just downloaded LED Me know on my G2. It uses the top LED by the speaker, which can only be amber or green. Anyway, sometimes after I open a message the LED stays on, can anyone help? This happen to anyone else?

    Also does anyone have a general tutorial for LED me know?


  2. Susido

    Susido Member

    Wish I could help, but it does the same to me. Sometimes in order to stop the flashing, I have to go into the program and disable/enable the LED Me Know service.
  3. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Well-Known Member

    i used it for a while and i got that bug mostly for email notifications

    what i did was select the 'notification off when screen on' option, and set it to 10 seconds.

    it will keep blinking after you clear the notification, but it will stop after the time you select.

    for any desire users, this app displays at least 5 different led colors, hopefully it will come out of beta and a stable release is made available, would be happy to pay :)

    knowing whether you've received an email/sms/chat/missed call without even switching the screen on is very useful for me :)
  4. mackinley

    mackinley Active Member

    Yeah. The idea of LED me know is a great one. I wonder why so many people have developers make useless games that dont sell, when theres real apps like this that aren't that complicated and if done properly would sell very very well.
  5. The 'Blink' app is free, and can be set up to notify (by blinking) receipt of different message types and accounts with any of a dozen selectable colors. Requires multi-color LED hardware, of course. I've set it up with e.g. white for SMS messages, blues for email messages (dark blue for one email account, light blue for another), etc. etc.
  6. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Just to 'let you know' (pun fully intended ;)), apps like "LED me know (beta)" actually are (or can be) pretty complicated. How do I know? I'm the author of BattMonX, an app that I originally wrote to make the LED indicator light-up on the Moto Droid X when the battery was being charged (since Motorola decided to omit that particular functionality).

    Well, one thing led (no pun this time :D) to another and what started-out (I thought) as a fairly simple app has become more and more complicated as I've added more features, options, functionality, and support for a wider population of phones. I've also received quite a few requests to support other types of notifications and I have researched some of these. The main issue is that every notification must be handled (and therefore coded and tested) differently and separately. Keeping track of all of these combinations and permutations of settings and functions (nevermind testing them) can be quite challenging. At this point in time, I've only made my app aware of SMS text notifications. Support to additional notifications might happen in the future, but I've got a pile of other changes and things I'd like to support first.

    I've also been in contact with Poty, the author of LED me know and I can tell you that he is a very dedicated and talented developer who is working hard to make the app better for everyone. The same can be said for Andrew, the author of Lightflow, another very impressive notification app that handles a vast array of notifications. All of us work very hard on trying to enhance and improve our apps (and in my case, in my spare time ;)).

    Anyway, just thought I drop a quick note to give my two cents and a little perspective about these particular type of apps.


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