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  1. katone

    katone Member

    It's great that there is one, but it's barely visible. Coming from a BB it's really hard to adjust to that: instead of waiting for the LED to blink, I now have to check the phone every now and then for new messages.
    My wife has a pixi, it has no LED but still features a cool notification light in the menu button area, maybe someone could develop something similar for the XPRT where the menu/home/back/search button bar blinks on and off (it actually dims on and off on the pixi, very stylish (like on apple notebooks).

    Lightflow advertises a keyboard light-up notification feature but its not working on my XPRT (yep, its rooted). And if only the menu bar would blink it would be more battery efficient than if it's the whole keyboard lighting up.

    Is there any other options out there for notifications?

  2. andrewpmoore

    andrewpmoore Well-Known Member

    Could you use the "contact us" option in the app to get in touch and I will see what hardware the app is reporting back to what it's finding.
    Reference this thread so I know the background as it's easy to forget with the volume of email I can get for the app.
  3. katone

    katone Member

    Reinstalled app today so I could send that email to you. thanks!

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