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  1. jaydee77ca

    jaydee77ca Well-Known Member

    Starting last night my LED notification light stays on when the screen is off. When the screen is off it's a solid red. When I press the power button and turn the screen on it shuts off. If I unlock the phone there are no notifications in the status bar for email or SMS or applications or anything. When I press the power key again to turn the screen off the LED lights up solid red again and stays lit.

    How can I figure out what is causing this?


  2. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Is it plugged in/charging?
  3. jaydee77ca

    jaydee77ca Well-Known Member


    I actually managed to figure it out though. :) I decided to go in to every single application and check the notification settings to see if I had an LED only option somewhere. While doing that, I noticed that I had an unread text message in Handcent. I read the message and now the light has gone off. I guess maybe I accidentally cleared the status notification for it? I don't know.

    Are the colors for the LED light and what they mean documented anywhere? I couldn't find anything that would tell me what a solid red light means (I just got the phone and so have not deciphered all the colors yet). Knowing that solid red meaned SMS message would have really helped.
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  4. jackdubl

    jackdubl Well-Known Member

    Do you have Light Flow installed?
  5. lxkm

    lxkm New Member

    I have the same problem and it happened right after i installed light flow. please help?
  6. Terry51

    Terry51 Well-Known Member

    The LED colours are. Solid Red (battey charging). Solid Green (battery charged). Text/email/missed call Notification.(flashing blue).
  7. outerub

    outerub Well-Known Member

    Though I have no LED issues, my GS3 flashes a green LED for Twitter notifications. Every other notification is blue. Odd ....
  8. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Light Flow does have know problems. The only way would be to uninstall Light Flow.
  9. heathbubar

    heathbubar New Member

    my indicator light is always red even when powered off. if i take the battery out then put it back in it automatically turns aolid red before i even turn it on. does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. juley27

    juley27 New Member

    Mine started doing this last night after a run. My phone powered off in mid-run (highly unusual) and when I turned it back on, the red light came on and has been on ever since. I've removed the battery too and it didn't reset. Red light still on today, not plugged in, battery at 83%. Help???
  11. teena01

    teena01 New Member

    Best Answer
    I am also having trouble with my Galaxy s II... My daughter accidentally spilled a bit of orange juice around the top of the phone and ever since the LED light stays on all the time, even when powered off. I take the battery out and put it back in, soon as I pop the battery in it comes back on. My battery is draining SUPER fast and its not a battery issue because I just bought a new one and its doing the same thing. I have done a hard reset and still the same thing happens.. help? anyone!?
  12. ThouShif

    ThouShif New Member

    Hey everybody,

    These are minor bugs on Samsung devices. Dont reset ur phone always. I am using this device for past 16 months with 200+ Apps with no lag. Dont use boosters or battery savers. Dont use other micro usb cables. Use the original one. Carry it everywhere.

    Okay let me come to the point. For these notification bar issues, led light issues, you will need to do a soft hardware reset every month.

    Charge ur phone upto 90%
    Power Off
    Remove Pen
    SD card

    Keep the phone for 15 minutes or more. Assemble back and then switch on the device.

    Note : Check phone date and time when you switch on, if its wrong fix it and restart your phone.

    **LED issue fixed**


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