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Led Torch

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  1. Wolfchild

    Wolfchild Member

    Hey there! I've been looking but with no sucess so far. Does anyone know if there is an app for the Eve to turn the camera's led flash into a torch? I've found a few that use the LCD light, but that's not intense enough... And all the apps I found so far that use the led flash light, do not work on the Eve... Any help?

  2. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    humm just open the camera in video mode.you can activate the flash there and it will remain on.
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  3. Wolfchild

    Wolfchild Member

    I know that, but I would prefer an app to just light the led, that I could easily turn on with a single click from the homepage.
  4. andymazdamp3

    andymazdamp3 Member

    I was looking for the same thing however, I read that doing so will burn out the LED very quickly...Not sure what to tell you...

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