LED Video Cam Light Doesn't Work. No Apps work with LED. Other phones all have this.

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  1. bh27

    bh27 Member

    Just have a new htc desire on orange. I can't believe it doesn't even have the option to use the LED light when using the videocam.

    This is such a great feature when you are out in a bar, pub, or club or just outside at night. I have an old sony and nokia and they both have the feature and I have loads of great vids because of it.

    I have spent hours searching for apps that might make the LED light next to the camera work but there doesn't seem to be one. This means if you are using the phone as a light you have to use the screen like a numpty and not the powerful led. Should have gone for the xperia as my friend has it and it has this feature.

    Can anyone help?

  2. PhoenixDaCat

    PhoenixDaCat Member

    I got my Desire as a phone and PDA/Internet device. Had I wanted a torch, I'd have paid around
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    I would expect an app to turn up eventually.
  4. wuthton

    wuthton Well-Known Member

  5. bh27

    bh27 Member

    At the moment I take my Nokia or Sony out in the evening as they can do video using the flashlight constantly on. My friend has the android sony x10 and it has a video light function. I'd be willing to pay for an app. If someone could sort this you will make millions from all the users downloading it!
  6. munkey

    munkey New Member

    The android SDK doesn't allow us access to the flashlight without rooting, hopefully google will open this up at some point
  7. lob

    lob Well-Known Member

    Come on!... It a torch app really THAT 'desirable'?
    I guess you can always root...
    But... tbh... Who cares about a stupid torch app?!? :D

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