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    Apr 22, 2010
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    Leedroid does it again with a new release of his best or the best rom out. you cant get a better rom than this, the most stable fastest best looking froyo with htc sense ui rom out. here is whats new in it:

    V1.8 (Full Wipe only if you experience issues)
    • Partial Re-base/Merge with HTC RUU Official repacks (thanks to Paul Obrien)
    • A2SD+ is now optional (just add an EXT3 Partition)
    • Fixed "Wi-Fi Hotspot"
    • Fixed Youtube & Picasa share
    • Updated > Maps, Facebook, Titanium Backup, Spare Parts, Add Free, HTC_IME Mod & Gmail
    • Added Wireless N
    • Fixed "HTC Get more widgets"
    • Added & Updated Heuge APN List
    • Improved Language support
    • Super Circle Battery is now an additional add-on (apply after 1st full boot or this will interfere with "get more Widgets")
    • Launcher2 is back
    • Vanilla contacts will only work if you already have it and are "no-Wipe" flashing (not fully compatable with the new framework...for now)
    • Added Patched Rosie with drag and drop (thanks to @paulobrien)
    • Reworked from the ground up, Optimized & Zipaligned)
    • Apps included > Titanium Backup & Rom Manager
    • And more....

    here is a full spec features of the rom:

    What you get :

    • Base: HTC Official Froyo Sense FR91
    • Adobe Flash 10.1
    • deodexed
    • zipaligned
    • Lots of Free space on 1st boot!
    • Optional A2SD+ <<< Just add an EXT3 partition
    • Froyo A2SD (use "mod install location" to choose where your apps go)
    • Super Battery % + Circle MOD (Thanks to Fightspit) (this is now an optional addon as it can have a negative impact on "HTC Get More Widgets"... Flash after your 1st full boot)
    • New superuser permissions (Thanks to chainsDD)
    • Spare parts (updated)
    • Voice Search & Dialling
    • Very fast, Clean & stable
    • Video Capture, 720p & 480p (FPS Work in progress)
    • All Apps in market for all regions
    • Nano command-line text editor support
    • Bash command shell support
    • Busybox is there!
    • Trackpad to wake
    • Desk Clock
    • Android Contacts & dialer (temporarily unavailable unless upgrading with "no wipe")
    • Launcher2
    • Wifi N
    • Working Wi-Fi Hot spot
    • New Gmail V 2.2.1
    • New Gallery 3D with pinch to zoom
    • Wallpapers +
    • Google Car Home
    • Ad-Free + hosts
    • Android IME + Voice input! 100% working
    • Custom bootanimation, drop yours in /data/local/
    • Genie Widget
    • Market Enabler
    • Mod install Location
    • Huge APN List
    • HTC Get more widgets
    • + Lots more!
    • Supported Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish.

    link: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    if you want the battery icon that shows you the battery life in a number percentage (i prefer this icon mod) then here it is: http://www.multiupload.com/D8H66XN0Z2

    install this after you installed the rom and done a full reboot of it.

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    any apps or files you dont want installing then delete them out of the winrar zip archive before installing the rom. just delete the apk files. i deleted the plurk,footprints and 3d gallery as i dont like and use them.
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    Aug 12, 2010
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    I have htc desire with Software number 1.19.707.7.
    Can I use this to upgrade my phone?
    Do I just follow the regular procedure as to rename it to update.zip etc...?

    If so, it did not work with me!!

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