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Left the Transform in the dust...General

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  1. Gamingguyx

    Gamingguyx Active Member

    I gave this phone a good run, rooted it to Vanilla Froyo, tried to put up with it but couldn't. I called the service center, complained, got a $300 credit and switched to the Motorola XPRT. Excellent phone for those who have tried Blackberry and enjoy the Android platform better. It is much, much better and faster un-rooted and does have Netflix and Flash capability.

    I didn't know iPhone was going to come to Sprint, but I can say that I prefer Android anyway, since I have an iPod touch and am familiar with what the iPhone can do. The XPRT is a good phone.

    I wanted to post this to thank those who worked tirelessly to make this phone better, and did what they could. It just comes down to a hardware issue: the Transform's hardware was there but never could we really tap in to it well.

    Thanks to those who did what I could never even dream of attempting.

  2. themartyred

    themartyred Active Member


    how long had you had this messy phone? nice post

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