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  1. habeebalali

    habeebalali New Member

    Hi everybody

    couple of weeks ago
    before the release of the Legend, I have seen a video shows that it supports Arabic language


    YouTube - HTC Legend - Unboxing & Hands-On
    It says select your language and the Arabic language is there
    can any Legend owner confirm this pleas.. if you don't mind

    I would like to have the Legend, because the only android devices available in my country are HTC Magic and Samsung Galaxy spica and I want a new android device at the same time support the Arabic language"I can but it from the Internet"

    Finally I have a question : Does the android 2.1 support proxy authentication?

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  2. habeebalali

    habeebalali New Member

    come on guys
  3. Bashar

    Bashar Member

    i spoke to HTC support and they told me it will be available only on the middle east version

    i also asked few people from ebay they all answered me that it doesn't have Arabic listed from the phone languages.

    tomorrow i'm visiting a shop in Kuwait that has it and will confirm if it has arabic officially or not
  4. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    Not on the UK model.

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  5. Bashar

    Bashar Member

    the one in Kuwait is originally from china or taiwan

    it has only couple chinese languages and and a dozen of english(s) per country
  6. othx

    othx Member

    i bought mine from dubai and i live in kuwait! NO ARABIC!!!!!
  7. king_roach

    king_roach Active Member

    To answer the proxy authentication thing:

    There are fields in FroYo 2.2.1 to enter a proxy address and port. No HTTP proxy.
    This works only for the browser, other apps won't get it.

    the solution is 3rd party software. I use Transpared Proxy and it works great.
    ASproxy is paid, but it allows different proxy settings for each Wifi connection you have, so you don't have to turn proxy on/off every time you move between home and work, but I don't see that's a big issue unless you really do have proxies on several connections which you need to use.

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