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legend laggy sometimes after 2.2 update

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  1. thegremlin

    thegremlin Active Member

    after my official froyo update my legend occasionally lags...did the factory reset but didnt solve the issue...on restart it is fine but after couple of hours it lags...so restarted the phone which solves the issue fr a few hours....
    so i end up restarting the phone atleast once everyday...pls help!1

  2. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    hi there could be the firmware, as i know a few people who have updated to 2.2 and it being laggy, there was a 2.2.1 firmware released which i have installed and seems to do the trick.
  3. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Well-Known Member

    go so Settings-Appications-Development- and put a tick on USB debugging. It did the trick for me (as well as a factory reset and not using of a live-wallpaper and no apps on SD card). Now everything is just as smooth as i wish my Android phone to be (finally im not bugged by my mate with iPhone anymore) :)
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  4. Droog46

    Droog46 New Member

    Nice 1 Fish-Bone, I just found this fix. My Legend been soooo slow since 2.2, amazing how just ticking a check box speeds it up so much! I was even considering defecting 2 the 'dark side' ( iphone ) if i couldn't sort it's arse out. Should have looked it up sooner i guess. That's newbies 4 u !! hahahhahaha! cheers again.
  5. Nathair

    Nathair New Member

    It is f***in' unbelievable that USB debugging box check fixed lag :eek:
    Many thanks Fish-Bone, I would never find this out on my own :D
  6. RusskiyParen

    RusskiyParen Active Member

    Easy way to make your HTC running fast again

    1. Turn off your phone
    2. Remove SIM card
    3. Turn your phone ON without SIM card
    4. Turn it off again once everything is loaded
    5. Insert SIM and then turn it on again

    it will work very fast.
  7. KarVi

    KarVi Member

    Enabling USB debugging helped on my Legend as well.
    I was getting 100% CPU usage out of the blue, and with no pattern to it. This made the phone slow and laggy, and close to unusable.
    But since I enabled USB debugging it has dissapeared. Thanks Fish-Bone.
  8. Benjymann

    Benjymann New Member

    This tip has stopped me from throwing my Legend across the room at high velocity... Since 2.2 update my phone was practically unusable and incredibly frustrating. Why ticking one box would sort out the entire phone I'll never know but it works like a dream now so thank you thank you thank you!! HTC should employ this guy as a troubleshooter! He's got to be better than the numpty geeks who currently work there...
  9. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    I'm happy that this works.. but I can't help but wondering if there is any caveat to turning this on..
  10. jimiramone

    jimiramone Member

    Also had the same problem with mine since 2.2 update. Ive checked the USB debugging box and will see how it go's, hope it works! :)
  11. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Well-Known Member

    Did you do a factory reset first?
  12. jimiramone

    jimiramone Member

    Nope, i'l try that next if im still having problems. seems ok so far tho! if i do have to factory reset, is there any advice for saving things that i have on my fone (layouts etc.) ?
  13. Repthyl

    Repthyl New Member

    My phone was very slow and constantly hanging after the 2.2 update. Ticking the USB-debugging box like you guys said worked perfectly, it works like a charm!

    Thank you guys!
  14. TheLamma

    TheLamma Well-Known Member

    USB Debugging is meant for app development, so its more than just a box ticked. I believe it changes something in the system that's meant to help developers get rid of bugs. I would guess this is why it helps - its "debugging". Although its supposed to work over USB - that's the weird part.
  15. Benjymann

    Benjymann New Member

    When I try and connect my Legend to my PC since ticking debugging box nothing happens. The notifications panel doesn't show the mount usb option like it used to. I have tried unchecking the debugging box and that doesn't help... any suggestions gratefully received!
  16. Benjymann

    Benjymann New Member

    don't worry. The age old trick of turning the phone off and on again has solved the above problem. Why we still have to go through this malarkey in 2011 is beyond me!
  17. TheLamma

    TheLamma Well-Known Member

    Technology will never be perfect...
  18. cunads

    cunads New Member

    I have been suffering for weeks and lost more hair than usual.
    i searched and searched and found this page. THANK YOU FOR POSTING this fix worked for me.

    I both changed the USB setting and power-cycles with removing, then reinserting the SIM as suggested.

    Immediately my phone got back to "normal" speed like the day before and after my update (I only noticed the slow down a week or two after update)

    I truly appreciate the effort that people volunteer to helping solve these gadget bugs (and I run an IT company and I perform QA almost every week; I know how hard it is to find these fixes!)
  19. Psychotropy101

    Psychotropy101 New Member

    DUDE! Thank you!! FYI everyone, I have the Motorola Defy, and this worked like a charm for me as well. Thank you Fish Bone for saving me from having to go out and buy a new phone :D
  20. Pyps

    Pyps New Member

    tnx alot guys! i was going mad with my legend for a week orso now..i couldn't even dl app's from market or use wi-fi properly -.-

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