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legend wont play music. SO ANNOYING!!!!@Support

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  1. shogun-12

    shogun-12 New Member

    My htc legend only plays some mp3 files on my sd card. Anyone know why or how to fix it? Its a 32gb card but the htc site says that should be fine. Someone please help.

  2. huawuban

    huawuban Member

    try to connect your phone with pc using disk drive modus. And disconnect your phone again, wait a while and the phone should be able to detect the new files.
  3. shogun-12

    shogun-12 New Member

    It sees the files in the media player but for some reason wont play. Its really annoying me.
  4. E-One

    E-One Active Member

    Try installing some other media player..
  5. Turkka

    Turkka New Member

    I have a bit same kind of a problem. I copied music from the bundled memorycard to one I already owned.

    So far so good, the music that came with the bundled card is found by my Legend and played back quite nicely. But when I try to add more song to the same folder with same kind of folder structure... Nothing. Those songs are not displayed in the player at all.

    I have tried copying the files to the sdcard in the following folders:
    .\media\audio (and various sub folders)

    The difference between the files that came with the original card and that I have copied seems to be the size: The bundled songs are about 10 megs a piece where as the songs I have copied are just a meg or two.

    I am able to play those sings just fine on my PC from the mounted phone though.


    my question would be, how am I to get my own MP3s to the phone and be able to listen to them and set them as custom ringtones?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.
  6. nickporwal

    nickporwal Well-Known Member

    put ur mp3 to ./music folder. then remove ur card and insert it again. this should solve ur problem.this worked for me.
  7. Turkka

    Turkka New Member

    Thanks for the tip, but did not work.

    I've now checked the firmware to be of the lastest version and formatted the memory card with the phone. I am now in the process of copying the stuff back to the card (I could've actually tested if the format did any good with a single song) hoping that the songs would be available this time around.
  8. Turkka

    Turkka New Member

    Oookie, problem solved.

    I deleted on audio book trilogy (169 files in 27 folder, totaling at a bit over 1 gig) and now I am able to see the remaining files.

    Apparently there is a size and/or file number limit on the phone which is left undocumented (or undiscovered by yours truly).
  9. shogun-12

    shogun-12 New Member

    Iv tried all this nd still no luck. Wish i new what was wrong.

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