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  1. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    I noticed my ideapad was getting A LOT of scratches from the ruggedness of my work environment (construction)

    I purchased a protector through Amazon from ArmorSuit and i've been extremely satisfied with it. Has anyone else bought from their protectors or any others?

    Is there any other accessories you guys think is vital for my ideapad? Looking forward to your response!

  2. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    My IdeaPad A1 has been having EXCESSIVE amount of scratches maybe due to the nature of my work.. (construction). Has anyone else who uses it on a more domestic basis had this problem? Very concerned...
  3. Did you look into getting a case?
  4. isomswim

    isomswim New Member

    Lenovo sells a case for the A1. I bought the Lenovo screen protector but not impressed with its magnetism to fingerprints.
  5. Centauri27

    Centauri27 New Member

    I have not found many accessories for the A1--it seems to be the forgotten tablet at the retail level. But I did find a nice "faux leather" portfolio case that converts to a stand on eBay for $11. It fits perfectly and it looks much more expensive than what I paid.
  6. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member


    I was actually debating between a case or a screen protector. I know there are a variety of options available in the market. What would you recommend?

    Thank you for your response btw!
  7. Some people have both! I prefer just a case.
  8. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    Thanks for the responses.

    I've actually purchased a screen protector from ArmorSuit not too long ago. It's been extremely pleasing to use. It hasn't affected my screen's touch capabilities at all. I was wondering if anyone has used this or any other protectors? Initially i used a couple crummy ones from ebay but those were disappointing

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