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  1. Stevewlf

    Stevewlf Member

    I am not happy with the NavDroyd GPS map program and upon recommendation in other Android forums, CoPilot looks like it will do what I want. I'm really looking for something that combines the ondash convenience of my experience with Magellan Roadmate and Google Map. I see almost all of these features in CoPilot.

    I just looked at the CoPilot compatability info and don't see the Lenovo A1 listed. Since the A1 has only been released for a few months, I'm wondering if the Gingerbread OS 2.3., can handle CoPilot.

    I'm so new at the Adroid OS that I'm reluctant to be the first to try this.

    I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.


  2. Charlesleonard

    Charlesleonard Well-Known Member

    I have an A1 being delivered next week. I have been using CoPilot for over a year on my Galaxy phone and am pleased with it. As soon as I can I'll let everyone know how it works on the Lenovo.
    Keep us posted on how you like your A1.
  3. Charlesleonard

    Charlesleonard Well-Known Member

    My A1 arrived yesterday and I put CoPilot on it and it works very well. Also Navdroyd took a long time to find my location but it did. Only had the A1 for about 12 hours so will have to see how both apps work during my regular work week.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Stevewlf

    Stevewlf Member

    I installed CoPilot Premium on my A-1 today. It took almost 5 hrs to download the maps but the installation and setup was easy and by the time I had completed the setup stuff, the GPS had found my location without any help.
    However, when I tried to input my home address (rural), it wouldn't except the street or number. I located it street on the map but it would only show odd numbers on that street. I finally had to settle for the house number across from mine.
    Then I noticed CoPilot had a invite to submit errors, correction or omissions. I did that and got an assurance that the addition would be added in 45 days. Sound good to me.

    On the Lenovo IdeaPad A1, I'm very pleased with the GPS and it seems to work well even in my house, which as a metal roof. It pulls down 6 to 9 sat's with a useable strength on about 6. Even better outside.

    Now that I have a working map program, I will try it on the road for a while.

    Reports to follow.

  5. Stevewlf

    Stevewlf Member

    I am still very happy with CoPilot Premium, well worth the money and far superior to any after-market, on-dash car gps I have owned. I like the large display of the Lenovo A1 and have made a dash mount that works on several of my vehicules.
    However, the Lenovo went into "brick mode" recently and only a "hard re-boot" would get it into recovery mode. I didn't have an opportunity to recover anything that wasn't on the external SD memory card. The good news is that the apps that I got off the Android site were automatically recovered, once logged on. However, I downloaded CoPilot Premium directly (I think) and still have the Key save on my PC. Now I'm not sure how to download the Premium USA version where I can just install it using my existing Key. I'm pretty sure I have been registered and just need a link to get some help from the vendor.

  6. worldwideroam

    worldwideroam Member

    I have no problem with Copilot running on the A1. Works perfectly, big screen and loud. :)

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