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  1. atm

    atm New Member

    Does anyone knows how to root Lenovo A750?

  2. tokovictor

    tokovictor New Member

    i do own a Lenovo A750,
    maybe this link might help u :

    (i am not responsible for any failure happen, ok )

    but i haven't tried this method yet, coz all instruction in chinese
    i wish someone here can help me translate em properly , google translate made me headache
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  3. atm

    atm New Member

    i found many links to root Lenovo A750 but all are in chinese and google translate made me crazy.

    can anyone help :confused:
  4. ColonelZap

    ColonelZap New Member

    Hi :)

    I wanted to post a "how to" video, unfortunately I can't because this is my first post. Oh well, maybe some other time :)
  5. darrenlee

    darrenlee New Member

    @atm,here is the translation.

    ROOT preparation tools:
    2、联想A750usb驱动.rar (usb driver)
    3、联想A750__ROOT权限破解程序.rar (root program)
    After downloading, extract them to the same directory!

    ROOT step:
    1.Prepare the three ROOT tools above.
    2.Install drivers with 豌豆荚 or other tools.Be sure that your PC and your phone can be synchronoused.
    PS:豌豆荚 can be downloaded as the attachment at [??]htc g13?????????????!!_HTC G13/A510e/Wildfire S??_??? .
    3.Decompress SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1206.01_A750汉化版.7z. Open SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1206.01 directory.Find Flash_tool.exe in it.
    4.Double-click to run Flash_tool.exe.
    Step One:Click "Scatter-loading” button on the right.Choose “MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt”.
    Step Two:Check "BOOTIMG” option.Uncheck other options.
    Step Three: Click "下载" button.

    5.After clicking "下载" button,connect your phone which has been powered off to your PC with usb to trigger auto-flashing.
    Note:Your phone need to be powered off before hacking,then insert to usb port,you will be informed that the driver has been found,please specify the usb driver in root tool package.root is very easy,please be careful during operation!
    6.Wait for completion.
  6. farid

    farid New Member

    how to root lenovo A880????

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