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  1. samees

    samees New Member

    I'm new to Android, new to Lenovo products and I'm having a crazy time trying to figure out the ins-n-outs of my Ideapad A1-07.

    I got it new exactly a week ago. The first few times I connected with my Windows 7 PC (Home Premium 64-bit edition) I had no problems.

    Then I got an Ideapad update. Ever since then, it's a crapshoot whether it will connect to my PC properly or not. Occasionally, when I have it plugged in before turning the Ideapad on, it will connect properly. But that's the exception to the rule.

    What happens is:

    1. I plug it in/turn it on (it = Ideapad)
    2. The screen with the big green Android with the USB arm appears with the "Turn on USB storage" button.
    3. I click "Turn on USB storage".
    4. The status spinner appears ... and doesn't go away.
    5. If I tilt the tablet to a different alignment, the "Turn on USB storage" button reappears.
    6. GoTo 3.

    During this time, 2 external drives do appear in my Windows 7 explorer, but I can't access them in any way.

    I have a few other frustrations but this is really a kicker. If I can't get this to work properly I'll sell this and wait til I can afford something else. (PLEASE, no suggestions on products. I want to focus on this problem right now. I don't have the cash to just go out and buy a new one so I'm really trying to make this one work.)

    Here's the info on my device:

    Android version: 2.3.4
    Kernel version:

    Any help would be great.

  2. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    If I start with the screen off, not powered down, I then plug the USB cord into a USB port on my Win 7 PC. The tablet turns on with the USB Connected screen which means the tablet has recognized the computer's USB port. On my tablet it makes no difference if the screen is powered down or not. At the bottom I touch the Turn on USB Storage button and then touch the OK button which appears next. In 10 to 30 seconds the Autorun window on the PC pops up and I select "open folder to view files" At that time the Windows Explorer pops up showing the contents of the tablet's internal SD card labeled Removable Disk (M) on my PC. When I got my tablet I had two removable disks appear, this one and one showing the external SD card. After the last update I no longer get the external SD card showing on my PC. I don't know why that changed but I now have to remove the external SD card or use a file manager on the tablet to move files between the cards. The status spinner on the tablet continues to spin after the Disk M: is shown on the PC. It will finally stop spinning and the Turn off USB storage button will appear on the tablet. I recommend that once the PC shows the tablet SD card that the tablet be ejected from the PC before you press the Turn off USB storage or remove the USB cord. One thing I noticed is that rotating the tablet from P to L or visa versa stops the status spinner and the tablet will display the state it is in by showing the Turn on USB Storage if it hasn't been recognized by the PC or the Turn off USB storage if it's contents had been displayed by the PC. My only guess about your problem is that you are not waiting long enough. When you rotate the tablet you are canceling the Turn on USB storage request which is why the Turn on USB storage button reappears. I hope this helps.
  3. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    You might have to download the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 USB drivers from their site. After install of drivers, reboot PC. Turn Tablet off. Connect to PC and turn on tablet.
  4. samees

    samees New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Rest assured I've waited quite a long time. Once I waited 10 minutes. It consistently doesn't connect properly unless I connect during power up.

    Thanks again.

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