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Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 at CES 2013

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  1. vinoben85

    vinoben85 Member

    Hi everyone, have you seen what Lenovo just unveiled at CES 2013 recently. It's Lenovo IdeaPhone K900. It has 2GHz processor and 5.5-inch screen. Can you believe it? I also like the stainless steel material on the back cover, gold and silver. Check this out!



    Lenovo Unveils its IdeaPhone K900, Brings 2GHz Intel CPU and 5.5-inch Display

    I think this will likely sell well in developing countries.

  2. grifter9931

    grifter9931 Member

    I would purchase this phone if I could.......
    Felt natural in my hands and it was fast...

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