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    Lenovo Lephone 3GW100 Disassembly and Screen Cleaning Guide

    One day I noticed ugly, ugly dust particles gathering underneath my screen. Being slightly OCD I decided to clean out the inside of my phone, but in order to do so I needed to disassemble it first.

    DISCLAIMER: By using this guide, you cannot hold me responsible for destroying your phone! Remember to observe electrostatic discharge safety precautions! This will probably also void your warranty.

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    Thanks pal. I didit freestyle a few days ago and could have used your advices.

    My Lephone GW101 have a tendancy to click on the lower right corner with a slight motion by itself. It lead to it opening menu by itself and messing with my setting. Strange thing is it continued after I changed the screen and OS. Is it a common issue? Have any clue on how to deal with it? My theory is that its related to the battery warming the screen.

    Also: can I ask you what OS you use? Chita was good at first and it slowly got buggy within a month to a point were a lotta apk freeze. Plus battery super suck.
  4. chingdaotze

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    Hmmm... no idea if it's a common issue or not. If the problem persists after you changed your software, then it's likely to be a hardware issue. Perhaps you reassembled something incorrectly when you put your phone back together? Maybe the digitizer cable was bumped, not fully seated, or got dirty. You could try cleaning the contact points with alcohol?

    If you believe that it could be the battery warming the screen you can try leaving your phone in a plastic bag with some desiccant in your refrigerator, and seeing if your phone still has the issue. From what I can tell though, the Lephone battery is fully in the back of the phone, and shouldn't have too much of an impact on the digitizer.

    The OS I'm using is Chita's CM7 2.3.7, running Widgetlocker and Go Launcher.
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    Thanks a lot!

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