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Lenovo Lephone Chita 2.7Support

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  2. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    Ok im gonna be the first to ask: what the **** is chita? Another dysfonctionnal os in sino malay compatible with nuthing?
  3. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    its a good OS..you you can try..people are trying their best to provide different os with different functions, fast speed, better landscapes and themes.. and low battery consumption.. before blaming about different os..you should try to find out which works good for your phone..and this forum helps you and other people..even me..we are just trying to help each other, rather reading your stupid criticizing comments... if you are happy with what you have, the original os, be happy with that... we need help from all of us to know and learn and try about different but good os for our phone that we already bought.. we share and learn how to use them...even me..i didnt know anything..but i learnt something from here..and i try to help others who are new to this forum ..
    good news is Le Os 3.0 is realsing soon..you can just wait for that..and hope its of kind we all foreigners, inside or outside china are waiting for..
  4. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    what are the news about leos 3?
    what version of android will be? some features/features?
  5. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    Posts by ninety-five at 2011-12-19 01:18 edited

    now music OS 3.0 has been ported successfully, they can already run up, some driver issue is resolved, but there are still many problems to fix, these days will be a logcat to see how the difficulty of repair. According to the current situation has a chance to repair or perfect, but needs time to repair, hope you wait for the next, etc. After viewing logcat information and we will be under the circumstances described, and now I can not promise all the time release, but as soon as possible to fix these problems.
    3.0 better than the generation of experience, but fluency is very general. If the repair is successful, it will for some commonly used functions to optimize, so some of it a better experience...
    that is what i could read after translation...

    and a beautiful pic..attached here..

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  6. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    android 2.3.4 ...or may be android 3...as they launched with S2
  7. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    I don't want to get it wrong, but LeOS Chita 2.7.0 should be the official OS made by Lenovo.

    LeOS 3? As far as i read on the forums (for what i can understand) this 2.7.0 is not "gold" yet, so not officially released yet. So I guess we will have to wait for 3.0.

    There is no Android 3 for smartphones. The latest options are Gingerbread 2.3.4 or Icecream Sandwich 4.0.x.

    In any case, I find that this 2.7.0 is very stable. As i posted in another place, if you install GO Launcher EX the launcher and all the interface feels very quick. I haven't tried other launchers because i'm satisfied with this one.

    Battery life seems slightly better than before, too.

    Here are a couple of screenshots of my interface (with GO launcher). It's quite smooth and very customizable, you can add folders, etc. Like it a lot.

    My 2 cents..

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  8. orestis

    orestis Well-Known Member

    how did you remove the bar?
  9. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    you have to go to Go launcher Preferences->Screen Settings->Status bar.

    I actually assigned the Swipe-down movement to show/hide the bar:
    Preferences->Operation Settings->Glide down action

    There are lots of things you can customize, like how many icons per row, how many rows, titles etc. You can rename the apps on the home screen, change their icon, etc.
  10. orestis

    orestis Well-Known Member

    that's cool thank you...
  11. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    Thanks for the report Gilezzz

    Norton112233: For most of people complaining when something you bought with your hard-won money is crap is perfectly LEGIT. thats called consumer right, freedom of expression and somehow user report.

    I make the people passing by a favor by telling them to buy another smartphone. Thats ALSO the sense of a community. :mad::mad::mad:

    As for the OS CM was my third. Yeah my third. All of them crap. And honestly I dont ask for much: a few programms and games to work. Sorry if I insist on having googlemarket also. Period. CM just crash on startup and now It dont show even the icons anymore and I have to search them manually like a damn dos command line. A dumbphone, thats what Lephone is, not a smartphone.:mad:
  12. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member


    I understand your complaints. But we have to be aware that:
    - the lePhone is not sold or supported outside of China
    - the lePhone is not sold with Android Market (and that means that applications from Android Market are not tested to work on the lePhone)

    These are quite big limitations that you should be aware of before buying one.

    If you are Chinese, it is possible that you don't care about Android market. And the phone is supported by Lenovo inside of China.

    If you are a foreigner (like me) well, then you made the choice to get one and start the adventure of making it work with non supported apps and Android Market. That's YOUR choice.

    This said, the phone is quite cheap and honestly the hardware is not bad at all (you can get one for less than 1000 yuan in China, that is really cheap for a smartphone). After tweaking it a little bit I am quite satisfied.

    I think this forum is to have all us foreigners who tried this adventure share our findings. Thanks to all the people who share!
  13. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    Actually this phone is not that cheap..it cost around 2300 yuan - 2899 yuan..depend if you take 3G facilities of china unicom, a telecom company..or not... regarding android market..we can root it and keep it..i am not a chinese too..but i am in china..most probably will be in china for next 7 month.. for applications, or .apk..to download, there is an application names ..appchina.apk..and it has most of the applications and games for free... its in chinese..but when you use it couple of times, i am sure you will master it..just like i did..and it automatically scan and update your other applications too...and shifts the applications to SD too..
    so .. without android market too..i am satisfied, coz there are not much applications we need in our daily life..enjoy..and wait for the Le Os 3.0..
  14. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member


    Check the prices here:
  15. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  16. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    honestly between buying agrotesquly overpriced iphone and a overy overpriced htc ihad NO choice, living in Beijin China . but iguess you cant really understamd if you never tried to buy a device in China where you have to painfully haggle all the time with someone who only know hello in englis

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