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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    I have been using this since last 1 week..its final golden version
    Updated version of 2.0.3
    its fast
    Battery - very very long lasting..

    with theme pack..

    Download link

    for 3GW100
    3GW100 V2.0.7Golden.zip?DBank??|????-????-??????

    For 3GW101

    3GW101 V2.0.7Golden.zip?DBank??|????-????-??????

    For 3GC101
    3GC101 V2.0.7Golden.zip?DBank??|????-????-??????

    After copying the image file into SD Card, and restarting with pressing on mirror key...installation begins...you may required to put password key .
    Password is = 3576XY
    have fun
    capital XY..

    After installing this version, just copy the theme file which is "leos" file into sd card.and go to theme manager, and enjoy beautiful themes..

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  2. jaal

    jaal Active Member

  3. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  4. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    again. This website suck major. Im trying to download the file for 2 hours now. the download stall EVERY ****ing time. And Im in china!!!

    I think that the very posting of an official upgrade on a lame chinese website show the kind of attention lenovo display to its non chinese speakers and to basically whoever want to use this product in non simplified-chinese.

    Im gona sell my lephone and buy myself an HTC it was only trouble from the very start and Im sick of spending hours on nong website because morons lives in the ****ing middle age of internet and dont even know mediafire exist. Im sick of google translating for hours because those ******s cannot commit a ****ing manual in english!!

    If someone from lenovo can read that here is my feedback : your product suck, your andoid programming suck, your battery suck and you brought disgrace on yourself, your company and your country by releasing such a crap. Stick to making good computers with awfull design from now on.
  5. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

  6. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    its same for all of us.. thats why we are here..to solve our problems ourselves.... spending time translating those webpages... where are you in china..may be i can send you the rom by QQ...
  7. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    I think this rom was posted in august already. Is it the same file?

    As for QQ, nobody use it outside china (unless you really want your privacy to go to the dogs).

    Also: another messages to lenovo developpers: if you are TOO stupid to develop a decent OS, dont make the source code private and then cry like little bitches on a developper forum for someone to do your own job.

    Im speaking of THIS:

    Porting for Lenovo LePhone: WE WILL PAY! - xda-developers

    Thats plain pathetic
  8. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member

    Do you really believe that this message was posted by a Lenovo employee?

    Regarding the Lenovo custom Android, I really like it, in my opinion is way better than most of the other companies can do, and definitely better than stock android. But it's ok if other people don't like it, free will.

    Regarding update speed, yes Lenovo is not the fastest one, but it's not the slowest one either, at least they are still working on software updates for our phone, LeOS 3.0 will be release soon. some much newer, and more expensive phones, are also stuck on Android 2.2
  9. nitoo29

    nitoo29 New Member

    I am a recent fool who bought a Lenove A60 LePhone. As I bought it via net they posted it from Hong Kong to Australia with no English instruction etc. The phone started in Chinese had to struggle to change it to English. Then it did not had Market the application store is only allowing Chinese applications. After lot of research managed to root and install market and google account. But network signal reception is so poor (Testra Next G) that it can not be used as a phone but a tablet only. Now bought a signal fixer from the net to fix the signal problem. I will strongly recommend every one not to buy this phone. If any one knew how to solve the signal problem please let me know.
  10. FredrikD

    FredrikD New Member


    I really need some help. I want to update my Lephone, but cant find this "mirror key". I have been searching all over the place to find out where this key is, but the closest I came was this:

    "Mirror Mirror on the left is the key

    Phone volume control button, right button is the association painstakingly designed "mirror key", which in addition to act as a camera shutter button, the page is used to support browsing in a large open a Web page, press this button, the you can tilt the phone up and down, gravity sensor to move through the pages."

    What button is that? right button, of the volume buttons? I dont know..so please, someone help me! :)
  11. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member


    If you mean the "magic" key, it is the large button on the right. As far as i know:

    • if you press it, it will launch the camera, and you can press it to take photos
    • if you open the browser and you keep the button pressed, you can tilt the phone up and down and the web pages will scroll up and down
    • when the phone is turned off, if you press it together with the power button it will boot the phone in safe mode to flash a new OS
    • if you have LeOS 2.7.0 and you press it briefly, it will take a screenshot and open a "share" window where you can post text and images to some blogs

    To upgrade the phone you have to download an OS image (official Lenovo or non official), put it into an "image" folder on your SD card, then boot in safe mode (press the "magic" button then while keeping it pressed press the power button) so that it will flash the new OS.
  12. FredrikD

    FredrikD New Member

    Thank you!

    Well, I needed to know where the mirror key was,because as written above: "After copying the image file into SD Card, and restarting with pressing on mirror key...installation begins...".

    And yes, I have downloaded the image file. But it seems to be a problem, because the screen is now locked with the Lenovo logo in the center and at the bottom in the left corner it say "switched to fastboot mode"..but nothing is happening.

    Steps to take to get past this so that the upgrade will continue??
  13. FredrikD

    FredrikD New Member

    Okey, I found out how to fix it..I have now managed to update my phone :p Thank you for your help! :)
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  14. najid

    najid Member

    Wht to do now i accidently put da w101 firmware into my w100 now dah screen is not responding

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