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Lenovo LePhone QWERTY Keyboard !!!General

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  1. Lionidas

    Lionidas New Member

    Hello ,

    i have buyed the Lenovo Lephone keyboard 3GW 101 (DP67).
    when i put my Lenovo Lephone 3GW 101 in the Keyboard, the image should rotate automaticaly, but it didn't.
    i have try but it still the same. it rotate for just 1 second if i make ON/OFF quickly.
    Products version: 3GW 101
    Hardware version: H-1-05
    software version number: S-5-02
    Framework version : 3GW101_T_S_1.101_5063_111117_chita
    Baseband version: 35961
    OS version: LeOS Build:2.7.0
    Modem version: 3GW101_T_A_1.1015156_110722
    could somebody help me ?
    thank you very much




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