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  1. salemalalili

    salemalalili Member

    Guys, who can help us to change the Rom for the Lenovo P70, and let the Gmail and the Android market work.

    it has Android 2.3.4 Chinese with English.

  2. autourdesoi

    autourdesoi New Member

    Got same phone / same problem
    Did you find a way ?
  3. salemalalili

    salemalalili Member

    I've been looking on many places and finally I found this site (mobileuncle.com) in china, before you download go to google translate to understand their language.

    Download this: ?S123??????P70??+google??+ROOT+????_20111026(1).zi p????|115??|??|115,????|??????|????|????-??????? you will see 4 colors green, blue, red and white, press on the white to download. Every thing will work very will and you will notice that signal become full and the 3g will work, etc....

    Put the zip file in the SD and reboot your phone and press the power and the volume+ and go to the 2nd option (SD) the choose the file press the home bottom twice when finish go to the last option and press home twice will turn off the start it, done.
  4. deiamacedo

    deiamacedo New Member

    I downloaded the zip file, put in sd card but I don't get nothing! can you please please please explain again step by step?

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