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  1. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Since the LePan TC970 seems to be getting a lot of coverage and the LePan 2 is currently being sold at Amazon and BestBuy I thought I might start a thread here with what I can find on the three, which admittedly isn't much. Particulars on the LePan 3 are in red.


  2. jakenaselle

    jakenaselle New Member

    hello, i will very soon own a le pan 2(hurry up ups!) i am new to forums and dont really know the rules. the forum i am on has a place looking for info on le pan 3, would it be ok to copy this to Le Pan Life Forums (cant post link here yet)? if so, should i link it or copy and paste to a thread there? ty :)
  3. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    I would think it would be OK to link and or copy it to the other forum. However you need to be sure that if you link it that linking to other forums is OK there.
    There are some forums that take strong offense to having links from other forums of the same type posted on their sight.
    Gets me as to why but some just do.
    Also, the when you get your LP2 please give us your review in the LePan 2 section of the forum..
  4. Duker

    Duker Member

    I had the Le Pan 11 and problems.The back botton done every thing but go back ,connecting to a WiFi was IFFy at best and would timeout at about 1 minute or less( it wasn't the Sleep setting.Went too the Le Pan website ,stsrted a case # and gave them my troubles. I took almost 2 weeks for a reply which was "all in the Settings"The next sent me a File #4626 Firmare which made it even worse,could not turn tablet on or off while charging battery. Returned tablet too Amazon,got my money refunded. Duker Waiting to see what the Le Pan 111 will be like.
  5. dugdigger

    dugdigger Member

    hi all has anyone been able to contact le pan in the past few days today is april 17th .i have a tc970 under warr. but there is no one home?
  6. sandcrest

    sandcrest Well-Known Member

    I've got two LePan 970 tablets that need to be repaired. I've heard their phone service was not good so I went with email to this address:


    They got back to me within hours and I've corresponded with them many times throughout the past few days, getting RMA numbers for sending the tablets back. The first thing they'll do is ask you to register and create a case at this address:


    They'll walk you through the steps from there. Hope this helps.

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