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  1. hatchr1

    hatchr1 New Member

    Received and used the LePan TC970 tablet and enjoyed using it for 7 days at home. Now I am unable to connect to my WIFI network. the message given is that the signal is Excellent, it recognizes the wifi but then diables and disconnects, then starts the cycle again. Any help on this out there?
    Capt'n Ron

  2. le pan user

    le pan user New Member

    I had the same problem. I called my internet provider (Bell) and they had me change my wifi settings on the home network.
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  3. hangdogdaddy

    hangdogdaddy Member

    There is a lot of information over at XDA developers website on this subject. Just type in Le Pan TC 970 and it will show you the links. Cheers.
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