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LePhone Le UI 3.5 NEWBILITY Gelivable Latest version OS 2.5 with googleGeneral

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member





    System description:

    01, based on the latest music OS2.5 official production, the firmware version is the S1-37AH0_0_T_S_1_001_6085_110607.
    02 tips to solve some of the software does not support the Add-on property issues. Talk Box and other software can be used.
    03, increasing the dynamic effects of the bomb box, from playing box is no longer monotonous. (This feature is transplanted into the Nexus S firmware CM)
    04 to optimize the system architecture to ensure the smooth running of the system degree, indeed smooth enough.
    05, deletion of the ring system system partition to free enough space for DIY oil free play. (Complete system package with an additional ring tones to download, you can just put the SD card.)
    06, an increase of the latch screen.
    07, the system icon with a unique LeUi style home side icon.
    08, the official firmware to streamline the integration of "the old, less useful, less frequent use of" application.
    09, updates a number of commonly used software such as QQ, assistant until the latest version of the document.
    10, using a home-specific boot animation and start-up tone.
    11, page UI with a hard-line children's shoes designed Dock.
    12, integrated in addition to synchronization of all the original domestic use Google Apps.
    13, open the Google Maps base station positioning. (C101 base station location can not be achieved at present.)
    14, the system default ROOT.
    15, retains the lock before the change.
    16, Widget plug-in page to seven pages. (What is this state is not unique to home S1 firmware original)
    17, using bubble dialogue-style SMS interface, and a certain amount of landscaping.
    18, did not use OS2.5 new version of "App Store", an increase of legacy "applications store." (New version is currently unavailable.)
    19, China Unicom version adds music media.
    20, repair some of the software, fix some of the hardware drivers.
    21 Other changes deal with before.

    1, the first relatively long time to boot, the system may be slightly Caton, reboot the system will be very smooth.
    2, version 3.0 fixes the initial message received silent bug.
    3, text editing, deleting the middle part of a word is the cursor will automatically jump to the end, the bug still exists.
    4, due to pre-3.0 versions of some of the oil find ringtones, the ringtone will be in addition to default on a separate machine brush bag, simply extract the ring after the media directory into the SD card root directory.
    5, want to use the official theme of Transformers and other friends, you need to use the original four-leaf clover with the home page here to download the original four-leaf clover. (Three general models see the text after the original four-leaf clover download address)
    6, W100 default level may be a bit dark, turn on "auto adjust" button. (This version of the automatic adjustment of very sensitive)
    7 Unicom version of the first boot settings need to skip the Google.
    Details are ??????????????_?Phone???_?Phone????.
    See more videos ?phone?????????? - ?? - ???? - ????.
    Began to try to boot automatically skip the setup process, but can not realize the consequences of that base station location. Skip settings, you will find contact button larger, is a normal phenomenon, and then proceed to the next page widget plug-in back just fine.
    8, telecom version of the current base station location can not be achieved.
    9, when the associated Google account to use the data (2/3G) can not connect wifi network, if the open wifi network, turn off and reboot.
    10, the ninth point is the bright spot, the home of a new custom theme - Modern & Wooden (Modern Wharton), the modern and into the wood, modern full, we can look forward to what the specific use , the theme files testtheme.ltp file (do not change the file name and suffix) into the SD card leos \ themes directory (not his new look), then saw the management of the subject.

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  2. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    this is the best.. only problem is..my phone 3gw101 gets a little hot..
  3. naskardas

    naskardas Member

    Great image, i only have a problem: I cannot log in to google, gmail or synchronize my google contacts at all. Any idea why??
    thank you
  4. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    use gprs for logging in for the first time... thereafter u can use wifi...dont use wifi for the first log in...wait till it synchronizes..it works..
    naskardas likes this.
  5. naskardas

    naskardas Member

    thanks it worked
  6. naskardas

    naskardas Member

    another question, how can you install that wooden theme i see on the attached picture??
  7. foolguy

    foolguy New Member

    I can't donwload it, do you have any site to download cuz i ain't find it anywhere. The LeUI3.5 Gw101 version. Tks
  8. jaal

    jaal Active Member

    Thanks, pretty good. Doesn't come with contact sync. is ther a place to download?

  9. steverichmond

    steverichmond New Member

  10. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  11. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  12. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    sorry , the link is out dated..and i couldnt find other link..
    you can use lenovo chita 2.7, its new..and its like leui 3.5, but with many themes which comes under theme pack leos.zip...and this is stable too..
  13. salemalalili

    salemalalili Member

    If you could provide us with an English Rom and 4shared link.
  14. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    you just need to change the language setting from the chinese version....from chinese to english...so its english rom..dont worry...chita le os 2.7 is one of the best version so far...you can download it ..and try it..good luck..

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