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LePhone notification tones please!General

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  1. chingdaotze

    chingdaotze Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just working up my post count so I can put a 3GW100 hardware disassembly guide up. In the meantime, I flashed my Lephone with Chita's CM7 and in the process I lost my old notification tones :(. Now whenever I get a text, it sounds almost foreign to me. If anyone who has LeOS 2.0 (official) can PM me or post a link for their notification tones that would be great. Or if I could somehow extract them from the firmware without flashing my phone again... It sounds like doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-bee-deeeee Thank you everyone!

  2. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    It is possible to get the ringtones directly from the image file. All you need to do is use UnYaffs to extract the file structure from the system.img file. you can find all the ringtomes in the media/audio/ringtones folder.
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  3. chingdaotze

    chingdaotze Member

    Thanks! I'll go check it out when I get home.


    It worked :D

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