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  1. Jake11

    Jake11 Member

    Dear All,
    since im a novice, i would like to know what is the difference between Le UI, leOs and allphone. I am being confuse with the fast going to put the lephone a wonderful one. I have a 3gw101 i think 2.0 leos. never rooted, nor explore nor upgrade. I would like to know the step to upgrade to have a better phone since im the only one in my country to use it.

    Thanks in advance.
    Please ive search in the forum but realy understand technical words

  2. xavierpj

    xavierpj Member

    No difference. Not really much of an upgrade to what you already have although you can customise it... search and download:-


    Run them and at least get root access to start
    Adding market really does help in enabling you to install third party apps - follow the appropriate threads as it can be done

    There really is no definitive process to follow - it depends on what you want to achieve.

    There are a number of threads here dedicated to alternative roms / firmware. Place the 'image' folder on your SD card. press and hold the side button while powering on will put it into fast-boot mode. If you don't really know what you are doing, I would suggest learning about it first. Make sure you use a rom / firmware for your device or you could end up with an expensive brick.
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  3. sepurterbang

    sepurterbang Active Member

    LeUI is mod OS from forum lenovocc CMIIW
    LeOS is the original/official OS, its scatter in any forum of lenovo
    allphone OS is mod OS froum the A-team, they're forum is allphone.com.cn
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  4. Jake11

    Jake11 Member

    ui, os, or from allphone.
    Can you please describe me a clear process to upgrade my phone

  5. matthew12345

    matthew12345 Active Member

    how do i do the whole root process to install market im lost here?????
  6. xavierpj

    xavierpj Member

    Sorry.. that was probably a little garbled as answering two things... 1st is to get root access using z4root and then to browse the root directory of your phone using root explorer. You would need this to install market manually as you would need to to place the google applications into /system/app and importantly change their permissions.

    you can download the google apps from :
    you'll find them in the 'system' then through to 'app' directory of what you have downloaded

    you'll need to copy I think 6 files...
    Network location.apk
    Market updater.apk

    Copy them to your sd card then use 'root explorer' to multi-copy then paste them into your /system/app directory. When copied, change the permissions on each by a long press and selecting permissions and select as follows

    User - Read and write
    Group - Read
    Others - Read

    restart your phone. Browse through to Vending.apk - tap and install and market should appear on your phone.

    Alternatively... just install the latest Le UI 3.5 rom as posted in another thread and all the work is already done
  7. matthew12345

    matthew12345 Active Member

    i was able to download google apps form the android market, i have one question is there a way to change theme on these or the weather thing on the home screen?
  8. xavierpj

    xavierpj Member

    I find the clover and lenovo launcher a bit b0ll0x and the weather is stuck as far as I can figure out. I use 'Go Launcher EX' for a really customisable and free launcher and you can set your own weather widget and stick it where you want it. I've only had mine a week... a bit awkward getting it set up and figuring it all out moving away from iphone, but I now love it and won't be going back to apple. I've found as soon as you get the good essentials installed the rest follows not far after.
  9. sefinal

    sefinal New Member

    Im using Lenovo 3gw100 how can i check my android version aqnd is it able root.

    Can i ask lenovo 3gw10 do the below mention.

    1)Tethering (Letting laptop to use the 3G internet)
    2)CAn i convert all the text/apps to english?
    3)Is there any english apps/program for this phone?
    4)How can icheck my android version and whats the current latest version

  10. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    1)Tethering (Letting laptop to use the 3G internet)
    yes, there is an app included, but t is in chineese. though some people say that any tethering app will work. edit: ( can comfirm that the free tethering app also works)

    2)CAn i convert all the text/apps to english?
    No, you can convert most of the OS to english (one or two things are not) but none of the original apps.

    3)Is there any english apps/program for this phone?
    It is possible to use any google app with the LeOS 2.0 or better (Im sure there are exceptions)

    4)How can icheck my android version and whats the current latest version
    If you are refering to the android verion of LePhone, then its in the info app, for other phones ask in the corect forum :)

    If you want to see screenshots of diffrent versions with download links see my site: http://kbob.dyndns.org/lephone

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