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less battery drain?

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  1. imfascinated

    imfascinated Member

    Hi - I'm new on this forum and have had my Samsung Fascinate (unrooted) since Oct. 2010. I, like most of everyone else, have been trying to learn and try the best apps. to work with, especially increasing battery life without rooting.

    I am currently running these apps :
    -Juice Defender Beta,
    -Auto-killer Memory Optimizer (recommeneded by JD- tweaks internal memory)
    -Auto Run Manager (disables un-needed start up apps)
    -Android Assistant (the best all-in -one IMHO) with auto boost off (good for checking battery and CPU use, batch un-install, if data is off/on and other tweaks)

    I also keep Wi Fi, GPS, Mobile Data and Sync all turned off until i need 'em, as it doesn't affect texts or calls, just mms and web, or navigation or market...only used when needed.

    I have tried many different task killers and battery managers and since the recent 2.2 update (finally!), I have read so much about ATK's now being defunct with 2.2 I decided to un-install Automatic Task Killer.

    I was already running Juice Defender Beta with their recommended Automatic memory optimiser as well. After un-installing the ATK I didn't notice any change at all, so i un-installed a bunch of old apps. I no longer used.

    Then I read a post about the app. by the same author as JD called "Auto Run Manager" and decided to give it a try as it seemed efficient and easy to understand. Apart from the basic mode it also has an Advanced mode for rooted users, but I left it alone and just tried the basic level.

    I went through the list of the apps. and disabled as many as i thought i could ( if they are self starting apps. that re-open ARM let's you know so you don't waste energy trying to shut 'em down again. The advanced mode may be different )

    Anyhoo, i was shocked to notice a huge difference as I didn't lose any % of battery between 12 midnight and 9 am !!!! and the phone seemed to work better too (even after the 2.2 update)

    Soooo, can anyone else try it and see if it's the same for them? I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes over time. It might help other newbies as I've spent in-ordinate amounts of time checking these out!

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums and thanks for sharing your experience. You might want to post your observations in the Fascinate sub forum which is here:
    Samsung Fascinate - Android Forums
    I'm certain your fellow device users would love you read the above post. Have fun and I hope you enjoy the forums.
  3. imfascinated

    imfascinated Member

    Yay ! The % idle of battery drain overnight are staying consistent - 9 hrs.= 0% loss, 9-1/2 hrs = 1 % loss (100% to 99% 12 midnight to 9-30am) now like this for 4 days

    that's unrooted with wi-fi,bluetooth,gps,mobile data and background sync turned off ......using these apps: Juice defender, auto memory optimizer and Autorun manager

    Heavy use still drains battery but not quite so fast as before.
  4. imfascinated

    imfascinated Member

    Experiment over....continuing to lose just 1% on overnight idle 100-99% on my Fascinate (8-1/2 hrs.) un-rooted with wi-fi,bluetooth,gps,mobile data and background sync switched off (only used as needed) and no task killer

    That's about as good as i'm gonna get without rooting.

    apps. used:
    Juice Defender beta
    Memory Optimiser
    Auto run manager

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