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  1. GPLarge

    GPLarge Active Member

    So I just went to my local Best Buy and picked up my Eris. I love this phone so far. Did alot of research and played with both Droid's before purchasing and this one fits me the best. In fact this post is being made from the phone. Keep all the great tips and tricks coming. I will help with any questions as I figure things out.

  2. Nate

    Nate Active Member

    Glad to hear! Let us know how you like it.
  3. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    I just picked mine up as well. Loving it so far. I am new to touch screens so I'm still getting use to it.
  4. ssgmun32

    ssgmun32 Active Member

    I just ordered mine and should be in hopefully saturday. On the other I have been using the sprint hero for 2 weeks. :)
  5. bbrad

    bbrad Well-Known Member

    You like it. I have had it a week and I still can't stop messing with it. Finding new things every day. Just watched my first youtube video in high quality mode. WOW!
    Very clear..
  6. Copa Native

    Copa Native Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the active posters around here.. You really made the decision way easier than CNET or anywhere else i could look.

    I finally made the decision to get the Eris. Leaving over lunch to go pick it up in just a few minute.
  7. GPLarge

    GPLarge Active Member

    Have fun with it. It is quite addictive. Still learning the ins and outs of it but haveing a blast. I will be putting up some wallpapers to my Flickr account this weekend and will post a link once they are up. Still figuring out Advanced Task Manager to set up the one touch kill of common apps but the battery seems to be holding up OK so far.
  8. Nate

    Nate Active Member

    Welcome Copa! Hope you enjoy it.

    GPLarge- about Advanced Task Manager: Do you have the free version? If you open it up, go to the application tab on top and click "End All" on the bottom right.
  9. SGRacer

    SGRacer Active Member

    That application will cause your Eris to mismanage the OS. It is completely unnecessary and will cause battery drain. Remove it, configure the Eris properly and let the battery train correctly. I am getting 2 full days with moderate use between charges now.
  10. dawnstacie

    dawnstacie Well-Known Member

    How do you properly train it? I have the advanced task manager or killer or whatever and I am getting a good days usage out of it.
  11. GPLarge

    GPLarge Active Member

    I use the Advanced task Manager not killer. Killer is the one that casuse battery drain. First day I got about 10-11 hours before hitting the 15% warning with moderate use today I am at about 60% since turning the phone on at 8 AM with light use. Up time is 8:24 awake time 1:25 (17%) noissues here. I just wish there was an easy way to change icons and fonts on the Sense UI. I will have some simple texture wallpapers up later tonight and I'll link em up once I have them on Flickr.
  12. GPLarge

    GPLarge Active Member

    I put this in the Themes section as well, but I uploaded some quick wallpapers for the Eris I made today. Feel free to use any I post up.


    Flickr: AlWilliamsCT's Photostream
  13. li2327

    li2327 Active Member

    I just took back my Blackberry Storm 2 and got the Eris. I really like it. The clicking on the Storm 2 Started to drive me crazy. I love the size and how easy the user interface is.
  14. Nate

    Nate Active Member

    Welcome li :D
  15. li2327

    li2327 Active Member

    Thanks. I'm enjoying it so much so far
  16. ssgmun32

    ssgmun32 Active Member

    Received the phone on Monday instead of Saturday. Phone is smoother and more responsive than the Hero but on the other hand battery life sucks moreso than the Hero's.

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