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  1. siggy1964

    siggy1964 Well-Known Member

    Okay here we go. I got my tablet today and am trying to set it up. On my Infinity when I bookmarked something it gave me the option of putting it on my homescreen the Nexus doesn't and I dont know where to find them to move them to my home screen. Also I want a weather widget big enough to see. The ones I looked at in the play store are the same size as the app icons I have.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. siggy1964

    siggy1964 Well-Known Member

    I figured out the bookmark thingy but I still don't know how to get a weather/date/location widget on my home screen like I had on my Infinity.
  3. clo821

    clo821 Well-Known Member

    You need to download a weather widget. Give "Eye in The Sky" a shot.

    There plenty of other weather apps in Google play
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