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  1. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    I'll be posting all of my vids and tutorials over here tomorrow.

  2. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    thanks! :D

    -it never hurts to hit on thanks!
  3. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    I'd love to see CM7 on this tablet somehow. KTZ seems to be the only one working on this tablet...
  4. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    well, this forum is quite the let down... :bebored:
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  5. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    What's the problem?
  6. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    i was excited to find a forum dedicated to the coby 7127. I was thinking after posting a bunch of how to vids, people would start to come and get something going... anything...

    600+ views from the posts i've made and nothing
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  7. JonsZX2SR

    JonsZX2SR Member

    Too bad Coby isn't supporting an upgrade of the 7127 to ICS 4.0.3 as they are currently doing in Germany for the 1126, 1125, 8128, 8127, 7022 tablets. Information is available at:

    Consumer Entertainment Products for Home, Office or On the Go! | COBY

    You need to find a valid SN to do the upgrade, video instructions are in German and the upgrade is still a bit buggy, but it works... I'm running ICS 4.0.3 on a 1126.
  8. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    yeah, i saw that. i tried it on my 7127... but like you said, without a valid S/N it didn't work.

    also, as far as i can tell, no devs out there playing with what germany released
  9. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member

    I'm trying to find someone who does the update and can make a full dump of the system to make a flashable zip.
    Maybe it should work on 7127 too... But I've found no one to help me at the moment ^^
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  10. drago10029

    drago10029 Member

    Just got one as a gift. glad you guys are keeping this alive! I wanna get a custom ROM on this to hopefully improve performance. Even though the hardware is good, the thing drags.

    C'mon Devs! Show us some love :)
  11. Lucifer01

    Lucifer01 Well-Known Member

    i need help with the CWM Recovery for my mid7127. i've tried installing it via the_kwa's video, but when i go to install the update.zip, i get a message saying "installation aborted". i put the update.zip in the root of my sdcard (/sdcard/tflash) and my tablet is also in debug mode, but i still receive that message.

    Nevermind everyone, i was able to install it via android-sdk with fastboot commands.

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