Lets share kickback codes we both get FREE 60 mins on Virgin MobileTips

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  1. Redstar7

    Redstar7 Member

    Heres my kick back code FYUDoQOw when you top up or activate your phone for next time use my code and we'll both get an extra 60mins on our phones.

  2. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    aye shoulda had a thread like this awhile ago. some random person from a google search got 60 min from me for me lolol

    mine: qJwNHeGo
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  3. Redstar7

    Redstar7 Member

    Im good till the 12 of this month so on the 12th or earlier I'll be using ur code. Just make sure ur account is active. Peace
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  4. one80oneday

    one80oneday Well-Known Member

  5. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    Nice Idea guys, but I think it only works for NEW customers. Let us know if it works then I'll post mine.
  6. sfollenius

    sfollenius Active Member

  7. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    how do i find my code?
  8. harvickchick

    harvickchick Well-Known Member

    glockjs i love your avatar hahahha
  9. untalented893

    untalented893 Well-Known Member

    This. Has anyone confirmed this as actually working? I thought it was new customers only as well...
  10. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    How do I find my code?
  11. biggpat86

    biggpat86 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ sign into your account, you should see it to the left of your phone/name. "want to earn bonus air time". click the link and follow prompts.

    my code: sY94stJu
  12. ksigh

    ksigh Member


    that is my kickback code. i used one of the posters here on friday? when i got my intercept. so hopefully someone can help me get 60 minutes free.
  13. fmaresca

    fmaresca Member

    Here's a way for both you and me to get an extra 60 minutes when activating your prepaid wireless plan on Virgin Wireless.

    There $25 unlimited text and data with 300 minutes a month is pretty hard to beat. If you buy your monthly refills at CallingMart and use this code ca3p-1207 you will get the $25.00 plan for $24.01 a month.

    If you are activating for the first time use this code and get 60 minutes of calling for free: IY7pVXvJ
  14. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member


    My kickback code for my first phone. Will be activating another. ;)
  15. ncst8w0lfpack

    ncst8w0lfpack New Member

  16. radiocycle

    radiocycle Active Member

  17. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    I cannot log into my VM account on their site. I forgot the vPin thing.
  18. gregoryfo

    gregoryfo New Member

    I will be porting my number from Verizon, can I still use the kickback code since I am doing telephone activation? First person to reply will be the code I use :)
  19. StickySpray

    StickySpray Member

  20. fatbro49

    fatbro49 Member

    Get 60 free minutes when you activate your new phone online and enter this as a kickback code:
  21. Wombatcat

    Wombatcat New Member

    New fresh Kickback codes. 60 minutes free for you and me! Use one when you activate your phone.
    WD7UVpND 3DQ5PDGT 9DQ5ucM7
  22. TVLV

    TVLV New Member

    60 minutes of bonus airtime
  23. 60 Minutes Free!

    Copy/paste KICKBACK CODE wToOwIQw when you ACTIVATE or TOP-OFF your Virgin Mobile phone within 45 days.

    Kickback code wToOwIQw is 100% reliable and works every time.
  24. jrfans88

    jrfans88 New Member

  25. starlight01

    starlight01 New Member


    Copy&Paste code into the kickbacks section of the registration process when first signing up with Virgin Mobile. Thanks :)

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