Lets share kickback codes we both get FREE 60 mins on Virgin MobileTips

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  1. jjs2132

    jjs2132 New Member

    Get 60 minutes of bonus airtime when you activate your Virgin Mobile, which can be used any time and do not expire each month like ordinary minutes. Just paste the code into the promo code (Kickbacks) box upon activating your phone online. Help me to earn 60 minutes too.

    Current Kickback Code: JDs0WPHJ

    works 100% of the time

  2. Dllist

    Dllist Member

    If you activate a new phone it will ask you for a Kickbacks code enter 3YQ4P45V and you will get 60 free minutes.
  3. ctaing

    ctaing Active Member

    aMJ7tn4t :D
  4. jhishman

    jhishman New Member

    Kickback Code: NMDo6ocX

  5. Captain Ahoge

    Captain Ahoge New Member

  6. kikilyntin07

    kikilyntin07 New Member

    NDYU5MUH This is my code please post I need some minutes thanks guys!
  7. teeganardo

    teeganardo New Member

    CMLsLeJO <<<< Use this one.
    Here is the latest Kickback Code: Activate (online) a new Virgin Mobile phone with a new number (not a ported in number) and receive 60 FREE Bonus Minutes after a qualifying Top-Up with this this code CMLsLeJO best bet is to copy and paste the code.
  8. Spindlej

    Spindlej New Member

    Here is mine: JDUWNQUG
  9. bbutton

    bbutton New Member

  10. Need a Virgin Mobile Kickback Code to get 60 BONUS CALLING MINUTES FREE?:D

    Copy/Paste Kickback Code: wToOwIQw when you Activate OR Top-off your VM phone with $20 within 45 days

    Kickback code: wToOwIQw is 100% reliable and works every time.

    Thank you,
  11. crbirdx

    crbirdx New Member


  12. ncst8w0lfpack

    ncst8w0lfpack New Member

  13. geebear

    geebear New Member

    If you are a newbie to Virgin Mobile and want a fresh kickbacks code -- the following one will earn you 60 free minutes


  14. ashtray85

    ashtray85 New Member

    My kickback code is WMN66DUQ
  15. raddude24

    raddude24 New Member

    Kickback Code: 9DCOJF4T
  16. strabo231

    strabo231 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, check out Virgin Mobile&#8217;s phones & plans at virgin mobile usa. If you buy one of their phones, make sure you activate it online and enter my Kickbacks Code:
    . That way WE&#8217;LL BOTH GET 60 MINUTES OF BONUS AIRTIME as soon as you add $20 to your account! Thanks!!
  17. schreib68

    schreib68 New Member

    Mine is GTIYJ9TI Might as well help each other out!

  18. schreib68

    schreib68 New Member

    Seriously, this is awesome, I just gave someone on here 60 mins....can anyone help me out? ThX, Chris;)

  19. strabo231

    strabo231 Well-Known Member

    Copy and paste this code: HtL6twqo (case sensitive) into the kickback promo code section when you activate your phone online and you will get 60 free minutes. You must activate your phone online and top-up at least $20 within 45 days. Enjoy your free minutes!
  20. andyskitkat8

    andyskitkat8 New Member

    Here it is:


    Now we can both get 60 Minutes extra the necxt time you topup or activate your phone.
  21. strabo231

    strabo231 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, check out Virgin Mobile
  22. madisonbnola

    madisonbnola New Member

    Feel free to use mine when activating a new phone and adding your first $20, we both get 60 free mins and hey, who doesn't love good cell phone karma! Kickback code: KMPOLU6O <3 ;)
  23. saintseven

    saintseven New Member

    Virgin.com : This code works! virginmobileusa.com . If you buy one of their phones, make sure you activate it ONLINE and enter this Kickbacks Code: CMLSLEJO (all letters, no numbers) You will get 60 MINUTES OF BONUS AIRTIME as soon as you add $20 to your account! Sweet virgin.com deal!
  24. geebear

    geebear New Member

    Use this code to sign up for Virgin Mobile and get 60 free minutes. This code is verified and works like a charm!


    Thanks in advance!
  25. Rerler32

    Rerler32 New Member

    Just enter this code:

    Works great and we both get 60 free minutes!

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