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  1. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member

    Me, too! Every time I see my friend's GTR, it makes me want to sell my E63 AMG for one. :D

    His is modified and he's pushing 700 horses. I only have 500. :(

  2. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    Gee it sucks to be you huh? lol
  3. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member

    Haha...I know right? I love cars...I just want a good balance of torque and hp with a responsive transmission and solid handling. Is that too much to ask? :p
  4. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member


    SprintFun, does the "ScoreMobile'' widget consume alot of battery? I want to use that. It looks like a cool app.
  5. effluent

    effluent Well-Known Member

  6. frix

    frix New Member

    Here's mine.

  7. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    Alright, finally did some tweaking and whatnot tonight. Satisfied .... for the time being lol.



    Utilities Page
  8. whtge8

    whtge8 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what widget is that in the middle that shows battery percentage of memory available? And also what flashlight app has a widget like that?
  9. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    which widget are you using for the airplane and vibrate? Thanks
  10. Danduhman.ds

    Danduhman.ds Well-Known Member

    Need help! pics won't resize. How do u post them? SRY for being a noob
  11. Mateo

    Mateo Well-Known Member

    It looks like Marissa Miller and you'll find that in the "Awesome Backgrounds" app or the "Mabilo Wallpapers" app. Good hunting :)
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  12. Danduhman.ds

    Danduhman.ds Well-Known Member

    No way thats JESSICA SIMSON !!!
  13. Rhonen

    Rhonen Well-Known Member

    I'm liking the beautiful widgets since it only takes up one row of icons instead of 2 like the HTC one. Does it use the same clock and weather app when you tap the widget, same animations?
  14. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

  15. Danduhman.ds

    Danduhman.ds Well-Known Member

    I'm tellin ya it JESSICA SIMPSON
  16. Rhonen

    Rhonen Well-Known Member

  17. evojoel

    evojoel Well-Known Member

    Not Jessica Simpson. Clearly not.
  18. Danduhman.ds

    Danduhman.ds Well-Known Member

  19. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    wow its not everday you see a female ridin like that. nice car, youd smoke me in my bimmer, e39 540
  20. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    led light
  21. This is my main screen and my far left screen. The others are the typical calendar, favorites, friendstream etc...

  22. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

  23. Mikesnap

    Mikesnap Well-Known Member

    how do these icon packs work? First android phone for me, actually first nice phone of any sort for me so changing the icon's to something cooler looking is driving me nuts cause i want to make my phone look coool. Do i just download a icon pack?
  24. unwallflower

    unwallflower Well-Known Member

    If you have AWD.launcher as your active launcher, just tap the square thing at the bottom of the screen and pull it up toward the top.
  25. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    Middle widget is called Mini Info, on market for free.
    Flashlight app, just search 'LED Flashlight' on market. Also Free.

    It's actually better animations than the stock, imo. You can set what apps open when you touch either of them. I set them to the stock clock and weather, but you can point it to weather channel app or anything.

    Airplane widget is stock widget from HTC. Vibrate widget came with the Beautiful Widgets pack. They have buttons for all the settings like that.

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