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Lets us peek at your Screens!

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  1. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah and this is crazy. I need that whole setup (dock, icons, and wall). You know where to send if you're feeling generous. AMAZING



    wall:: mod of http://dreamerseven.deviantart.com/art/Spring-Wallpaper-Pack-127783901
    icons:: stefan kanchev and custom circle app launcher icon
    theme:: cyangen mod 6, custom notification bar with icons from Steel
    Digital Clock widget
    Nokia Font

  2. kapstone

    kapstone Active Member


    wall:: mod of Spring Wallpaper Pack by =DreamerSeven on deviantART
    icons:: stefan kanchev and custom circle app launcher icon
    theme:: cyangen mod 6, custom notification bar with icons from Steel
    Digital Clock widget
    Nokia Font[/QUOTE]

    That is great looking. Is the text in the dock? Do you mind sharing? Does the dock scroll with other text? Also, can only find the logos in black - where did you find them in white? Thanks in advance.
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  3. brushrop03

    brushrop03 Well-Known Member

    I don't like anything on my homescreen really. My wallpaper changes every 20mins using Tasker. About 50 wallpaper total

    Using Launcher Pro. The dock slides. This dock has shortcuts coming from the Smart Shortcuts app

    Jorte calendar, newsrob, wifi toggle

    2nd row of shortcuts are actually one widget created using Launch X Pro

    Not Battstatt or Tajm!!! lol. people seem to love those two in this thread. I prefer a digital clock and a battery indicator that tells me how much time I have left rather than the percentage (BatteryLeft in notification bar. I'd say about 98% accurate)
  4. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Yes it is part of the dock, no they dont scroll with it. Made it a long time ago but never did anything with it, just found it a bit ago. Will post on my imgur soon

    I got the icons from somebody else privately from deviantart somewhere, but you can invert the black icons fairly easy with any image editor to get them white i imagine
  5. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys

    so when you find a pic online (google, deviantart) for your wallpaper, how do you go about resizing it and actually moving it to the phone ??
  6. brushrop03

    brushrop03 Well-Known Member

    Just try moving it to the phone and when u set it there is an autocrop feature that's ok. Or you could use Wallpaper Set and Save App

    Depending on your wallpaper you may want to crop some of it on your computer but its hard to say until you get it on your phone.
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  7. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    i have always used fresh ROM by flipz and i have been seeing so much with CM6 ROM ... whats the differenc with that ROM ... last i read about it, it pretty much was an overclocked ROM i think ... but once your phone is rooted cant u over/under your clock anyway with a 3rd party app?

    whats the CM6 ROMs all about ...
  8. Thetaman

    Thetaman Well-Known Member

    You have to install a custom kernel or have a ROM that has a custom kernel to be able to over/under clock. The ROM should state if it has that ability. You can find custom kernels to install on top of a ROM if you want the overclocking capabilities but want to keep your current ROM.
  9. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    ya i know with flipz fresh rom u can install a seperate kernal with it to change the clock speed.

    so with the CM6 is the kernal already cooked in .. is that what makes it differnent from all the other ROMS?
  10. Thetaman

    Thetaman Well-Known Member

  11. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

  12. DirtyDozen

    DirtyDozen Active Member

  13. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    can u share the icons above the dock and also the first icon on your dock?
  14. Jgrand03

    Jgrand03 Well-Known Member

    CM6 is completely AOSP based meaning completely senseless.
    Not just hidden not parts removed absolutely 0 sense in the rom it was compiled like I said earlier using AOSP.

    I'm absolutely in love with it, the speed is unmatched even with the stock kernel, install one of Snaps kernel and it's a whole other phone it's amazing.

    Downfalls no 4g or HDMI out yet that is in the works for CM6.1
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  15. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

    Need help

    I recently downloaded bettercut and a few icon packs.

    I was able to create all kinds of short cuts of applications and they're all on my home screen. The problem I'm having is not being able to use these new icons in the Launcher pro dock.

    i'm pretty familiar with LP, but no matter what I do within LP, i cannot find these new shortcuts

    any ideas??
  16. aburgthing

    aburgthing Well-Known Member

    I like fast and easy access to the things I use most.


    Open Folder Organizer Item

    Other screens
    snap20100907_155903.jpg snap20100907_155923.jpg snap20100908_180043.jpg snap20100907_155911.jpg
  17. Jgrand03

    Jgrand03 Well-Known Member

    What shortcuts are you referring to?

    If you are just trying to get your custom icons in place of the default ones just long press on it and a pop up should come up saying change icon then select custom icon and it will take you to your gallery to pick them.

    If you are using a program such as smart shortcuts long press in the space you'd like the shortcut to be select the for ex. smartshortcuts of choice and then follow the same procedure mentioned above to get a custom icon.

    If that isn't what you were trying to do a little more detail and I may be able to help you out
  18. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to get all my apps to look similar to this.

    I downloaded an icon pack that looks something like this, but i'm having trouble updating all of the defaul icons.

    how do I change the icons in the app drawer to look like this?

    How do I change the launcher pro icons to look like the ones I just downloaded?

  19. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest




    Theme: Sculpted (for CM6)
  20. Jgrand03

    Jgrand03 Well-Known Member

    I applied all the icons with a app called Desktop Visualizer

    The last 2 Icons (games & tools) are "Smart Shortcuts" (another app)


    Long press on the homescreen where you want the icon
    Select Shortcuts, Desktop Visualizer
    Once in desktop visualizer
    Select Icon from gallery
    Select appropriate action
    (Launch App is for a direct shortcut to an app, use other for other
    shortcuts ex. contacts, playlists or smart shortcuts)

    Dock Icons

    Long press where you want to put desired shortcut
    Select Change Shortcut
    Select Desired shortcut
    Select Custom Icon
    Pick Item from gallery

    To the best of my knowledge I don't think you can theme the LP app drawer with bettercut or desktop visualizer. Maybe with a different home replacement app such as openhome but I have no direct knowledge about that app. Only other option is to flash a ROM specific theme that comes with alternate Icons there are a few out there

    Best of luck any other questions feel free
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  21. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    The ROM is actually not overclocked out of the gate. You need would need SetCPU to overclock with CM6. Not sure if the stock kernel that comes with CM6 is overclockable or not, I'm using the Snap kernel right now.

    The main difference between a ROM like CM6 and Fresh is that CM6 is an AOSP ROM built from the ground up meaning it has no Sense at all. Then there are feature differences as CM6 doesn't have 4G or HDMI working yet.
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  22. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

    you can also just use folder organizer lite. instructions are in the first post of this thread ;)
  23. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot !

    I'm still having some minor issues. I just sent you PM.
  24. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

    Oh geez....i think i finally realize why i'm sooo confused ...

    This whole time I was thinking that these type of screenshots people have been posting are of their APP DRAWERS!

    Is this just a regular screen, with all the shortcuts???? Completely different from the app drawer???

  25. Jgrand03

    Jgrand03 Well-Known Member

    Correct, just about all the posts are of homescreens not app drawers.
    Some people have apps such as smart shortcuts, as I do, that provide an app drawer type shortcut for multiple programs that you can see in some of my other posts.

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