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  4. edriggers

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    It's the standard Android lock screen. You can uninstall the HTC Sense lock and fix the standard "vanilla" lock using the files and instructions found here:

    Vanilla Lock Fix

    I just flashed the file over my Fresh 0.3 Rom, easy peasy.
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    I'm still a noob lol but why isn't the app installing?
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    Nice screens everyone....


  14. SprintFun

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    DaDoc - I have to have that wallpaper - where could I grab it?
  15. AndremG

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    Depends ... how much of a tennis fan are you? (Seeing that this one is Anna Kournikova, I believe). That said, I'm a boob man myself ... or is it just that I'm a boob? ... anyway, I'd go for Curtain Number 2.
  16. mrvirginia

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    yes it does have transparent qualities.
  17. Quizshow

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    Awesome wallpaper, where did you find it?
  18. DaDoc04

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  19. SprintFun

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    Unfortunately just a little too dark for me after using it..I may try to play around with it in GIMP later.
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  20. jtcannonball

    jtcannonball Well-Known Member

    Should I just email the photos I have on my laptop to my gmail account to get them on my evo when I pick it up? I think that would be the fastest yeah?
  21. pwnst*r

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  22. jtcannonball

    jtcannonball Well-Known Member

    Photos for screen saver, I have a couple downloaded on my laptop and I want them on my EVO which I pick up in 2 hours. So when I have my new phone in hand would it be best if I had emailed them to my gmail account so I can just log in and download them right away?
  23. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    For wallpaper you mean? Yes, you can do that!
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