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Lets us peek at your Screens!

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  1. amg1322

    amg1322 Well-Known Member



    anyway you could let me know how you did this?

  2. Quizshow

    Quizshow Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to again say thanks to all the android pros for helping out us noobs. Everytime I think I've got my evo setup perfect, I see a new tip to try and it's back down the rabbit hole.
  3. jimcraig

    jimcraig Well-Known Member

    I second Quizshow. Man I spent many hours last night and today reading this ENTIRE thread! I have learned a ton and have made some great changes. Not completely dialed in yet but getting there.
  4. GrindingMyGears

    GrindingMyGears Active Member

  5. XxDaLoWeSt1xX

    XxDaLoWeSt1xX Active Member

  6. vide infra

    vide infra Well-Known Member

    can you please make a zip file of those icons if there is nowhere to download them :)
  7. skatebard

    skatebard Member

  8. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    Why won't anyone say where these icons are from? Other people just keep additional screenshots. Kind of annoying...
  9. XxDaLoWeSt1xX

    XxDaLoWeSt1xX Active Member

    To be honest with you I don't think anyone but Newone757 knows where those icons are.

    For the white status bar..He might've flashed over a theme from xda forums...I have a white status bar as well but mine is from a whole custom Rom..if you're rooted you can give the EVOlution X Rom a shot.

    (Rom) EVOlutionV9 and EVOlutionX -updated - xda-developers
  10. hyabusha

    hyabusha Active Member


    What's that Music widget called?

  11. amg1322

    amg1322 Well-Known Member

    so i sat here and read through this entire thread today, im a complete noob tho, one of those noobs from iphone to my amazing evo. and even though i found plenty of awesome stuff and download some great icons and everything, i am still kind of unsure on what to do with everything.
  12. XxDaLoWeSt1xX

    XxDaLoWeSt1xX Active Member

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  13. hyabusha

    hyabusha Active Member

  14. XxDaLoWeSt1xX

    XxDaLoWeSt1xX Active Member

    That's a good question bro, I don't think it'll work if you're on a stock rom but maybe someone can come in and verify it for you. Sorry bro.

    hyabusha, if you look up above our posts in this forum you will see someone talking about it not needing root, my bad, I should've looked up too before I posted....Sorry.
  15. jimcraig

    jimcraig Well-Known Member

    Music Mod V1.6 worked on my unrevoked EVO.
  16. XxDaLoWeSt1xX

    XxDaLoWeSt1xX Active Member

    To get album art to display you simply get the album cover you want then.

    1. save it as a png file. 2. go to your music folder in your evo to the song. 3. copy the png file with the song and rename the .png file to "front.png" and Bam, your album art should show.
  17. UrbanMuppet

    UrbanMuppet Guest

    Per request of a moderator I am no longer a contributing member. Account pending for deletion.
  18. Daft Punk

    Daft Punk Well-Known Member

    music mod worked great on my stock EVO.
  19. ARR22

    ARR22 Well-Known Member

    The EVO is my first Android phone, before that I was all up in winmo. How do you install music mod. Is it like installing cab files? I clicked on the link and it gave me two options. I tried the ADB route and extracted the files to my computer then I copied it to my phone but I got nothing.:(

    Never mind I figured it out. Thanks anyways.

    300th post
  20. UrbanMuppet

    UrbanMuppet Guest

    Per request of a moderator I am no longer a contributing member. Account pending for deletion.
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  21. gatorchomp83

    gatorchomp83 Active Member

    I like to switch up my wallpapers a lot, but right now I'm rocking this Florida Gators theme. I personally created the Lock Screen graphic and the wallpaper. Screen shots are in order from my far left to far right, after lockscreen.

    Launchers/Widgets of note:
    -Beautiful Widgets
    -Smooth Calendar
    -LockBot Pro








  22. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    no i used this one
    AOSP Theme for EVO Flashable Zip *UPDATED* - xda-developers

    well because i made them. When they are ready Ill post. Hopefully later tonight (which will be early in the morning tomorrow for most of you)
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  23. KINGB18

    KINGB18 New Member

    where did you get that lock screen?
  24. KINGB18

    KINGB18 New Member

    where did you get that lock screen?
  25. amofop

    amofop Well-Known Member

    THe lockbar you can get from DLing Lockbot pro or lock 2.0 in the market. Just search for lock screen in the market and some should pop up.

    @keyhole thank you.

    @skatebard thanks but i already went with folder lite.

    So I basically spent all day messing with my phone figuring out what I can do and how to mod it. I can post a step by step of how to customize your home screens but i cnt get anything to get a screenshot of my screens.

    No its not rooted so screen grabber wont work..... thanks

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