Lets us peek at your Screens!

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  1. v01rider

    v01rider Well-Known Member


  2. Upright

    Upright Well-Known Member

    ^^Oooo Chomp SMS,...I'm gonna have to look into that. :D
  3. hopalee

    hopalee Well-Known Member

    I love it! And it's free so that makes it even better!
  4. edbtzy

    edbtzy Member

    I'm sorry but what happened tonight??? Oh yeah, Chicago took the cup.
  5. HatTrick327

    HatTrick327 Well-Known Member

    WOOT! Flyer curse continues...what is that 6 losses in a row now?
  6. Mezmryz03

    Mezmryz03 Well-Known Member

    Threads like these really showcase how great Android is at helping the user define the experience and not the other way around. I've taken many great ideas from this thread and I've still barely scratched the surface of the possibilities. Thanks to everyone who has shown and shared their configurations.

    Open FTW
  7. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    I know most of you won't like this one, but this one is for the girls! :)


  8. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    dynomite areolas
  9. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    My Screens

    Attached Files:

  10. imyourhero

    imyourhero Member

    I think toomanytats in the friendstream is actually having a stoke... :)
  11. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

  12. hopalee

    hopalee Well-Known Member

    Go to the Market on your phone and search OnOff, worked for me.
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  13. swatpup102

    swatpup102 Well-Known Member

  14. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    ahh. thank you :)
  15. Vald

    Vald Well-Known Member

    swatpup102, i think its time you check your mail
  16. Lurch

    Lurch Member

    St33zy, what note widget are you using? Looks nice.
  17. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member

    Here are my current screens. The background picture is a professional photo of my friend's Nissan GTR w/ BBS LM's. I am constantly changing my phone, though, so there is a strong possibility that this will be different by the end of the day. :p

    I have my screens organized by function:

    Main Screen



  18. STLEVOFan

    STLEVOFan Well-Known Member

    How big do your pics from Shootme come out? Mine are too big to post here, so how are you (or anybody) getting around that?
  19. supaumar

    supaumar Well-Known Member

    ong Title/Artist.
  20. hopalee

    hopalee Well-Known Member

    I upload them to photobucket and reduced them 50%
  21. dblake15

    dblake15 Well-Known Member

    anyone know what the coral reef wallpaper is??
  22. ducatidrew

    ducatidrew Well-Known Member

    i have my screens i shot with shoot me but when i try to upload them it says the pixels are to big. i edited them and now it says invalid file type. any suggestions? i really wanna post um
  23. SHO_ONE

    SHO_ONE Well-Known Member

    What is the last two screens... The 7th and 8th screen... The clock looks nice and the color tabs on the 7th screen is cool, what is it?
  24. Sherman901

    Sherman901 Well-Known Member

    Use imgur.com
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  25. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member

    I saved them on my computer as .jpg files and used www.photobucket.com to host the pictures. You might want to try that.

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