Levi Johnston apologizes for his lies about Sarah Palin. Sounds like he was coached and used by libs

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  1. I'll provide translation for the liberal lies and their ways around the truth.


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  2. liewbob

    liewbob Well-Known Member

    So wrong on so many levels.
    People should trump corporations.
    How's that drill baqby drill thing working out for you guys?
  3. Drill, baby, drill? So you are blaming Sarah Palin for Oilbama's mess like Olbermann did on his show? Truth be told though, Sarah Palin is very pretty, especially for her age. If I had the chance I would show her what "drill, baby, drill" really means.
  4. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    This statement just proves that your statements aren't based on thoughtful consideration and research, but on ignorance and juvenile hormones. Talk about a completely disgusting statement and I can guarantee Palin wouldn't appreciate your vulgarity any more than I do.
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  5. Lighten up, Francis.

    (Stripes...the movie)
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