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  1. dyeLucky

    dyeLucky Well-Known Member

    I'm a service tech with US Cellular and we have been having problems with the tethering service with the LG Apex, but after vigorous research we finally managed to find how to tether properly.

    Of course first of all you need the US Cellular Tethering service enabled.

    US740, supporting DUN (or Tethering) needs to be followed the steps below to use this feature and it

  2. RisinSon

    RisinSon New Member

    I also am DTS for USCC.
    BTW thanks for posting this, after 1 hr I was able to fix this for a customer by reading your post. Only thing is you don't have to go to that link to DL the drivers... you can DL them for any carrier/any LG phone from the updater tool. For the Apex (LG740) it turns out to be a 2.2 version of the drivers and I got them DLed but due to admin right restrictions on my work comp I can't install. I did test with a customer and it worked. Thanks again for your post. Hope this helps someone else especially since we called LG before and they told us that the Apex doesn't tether and there was communication at my site that we don't support tethering on Apex. :D
  3. dabestharpis

    dabestharpis Member

    If I had a wifi tethering app on my phone, but am not signed up for a tethering plan, how would US Cellular know if it was used? How do you differentiate between using the internet on my phone and using it for tethering?
  4. RisinSon

    RisinSon New Member

    There is no distinction between data connections, its only wifi versus USCC mobile network. Your phone should not tether without the tethering code on your account. if you use wifi that is separate from USCC network and does not use your plan data (5GB) and you are free to do what you want on wifi. If you are talking about creating a wifi hotspot you need 2.2 software or a different phone (mesmerize or optimus).

    We can't tell if your using it for phone internet or tethering. The main thing is to stay within the 5GB/month (wifi not included) limit or you will be flagged and probably suspended. :D
    All in all, you can do what you want with your phone. I.E. rooting, illegal tethering, but then you void your 1 year manufacturer warranty and/or face possible cancellation of your account which would be coupled with an early termination fee.
    Basic principle that applies to breaking any rule: If you don't get caught then you don't really get in trouble.
    I am not at work right now and am replying as a person not an employee. All information is general knowledge that can be obtained from calling DTS and any opinions formed or actions taken are released from my responsibility...
  5. kadiec15

    kadiec15 New Member

    I am having trouble with my contacts. When I add a new contact, It doesn't put it in my contact list. Why does it do this, and how do I fix it so that they are in my contact list?
  6. mketroy

    mketroy New Member

    Ok I did what you said and downloaded everything but what I want to know is even though it says its for Vista, I have vista home basic how do I get it to work on my phone?? I wont seem to install correctly and work. Help Please.
  7. mketroy

    mketroy New Member

    Ok just figured everything out, if you want to tether for free then download easy tether from market place or if you want secured sites then do the pro and pay the 10.00 for it. You also need to download the easy tether from web site and install that. Install on computer first and then connect phone and start to install on the phone. Also make sure you download the driver for LG on computer also then make sure you allow the debugging and have the phone connected and once its installed on computer with the LG driver and also the Easy Tether driver and then the Easy Tether on your phone it will work. And you don't have to worry about US Cellular finding out about tethering your phone as long as you don't go over your 5 GB of data service. If you ask for their help they want to charge you 25.00 a month more to tether.

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