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Support lg axis problems

  1. weebo222

    weebo222 New Member

    I forgot my visible passcode on my lg axis. I can get into my phone. That is not the proble. I would like to have my phone locked with the visible passcode but I just can't remember it. Is there an easy way to reset it or recover it without restting my whole phone ? :confused:

  2. Awake00

    Awake00 Member

    The recent FB app broke pictures for my Axis as well. Just go to applications (select all apps, not "downloaded" apps" and uninstall the update.

    As for your visible passcode. After you try 5 times, it should ask you to input your google account password. I hope that helps.
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  3. weebo222

    weebo222 New Member

    Thanks so much. I should have put more info tho. I want to reset it its not that I can't get into my phone.

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