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LG Connect 4G Antutu Benchmark Results. (Post Your Scores Here!)General

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  1. Twist3d1080

    Twist3d1080 Member

    I purchased my LG Connect 4G today and I couldn't wait to run Antutu on it. This is my first android phone and I don't know of a good screen shot app otherwise I would just post the screenie. My camera and other phone where both taking really blurry photos, so bad you couldn't even make out numbers so here it goes:

    My LG Connect 4G Antutu Benchmark Results

    RAM: 951

    CPU Integer: 1623

    CPU Floating Point: 707

    2D Graphics: 302

    3D Graphics: 1270

    Database IO: 225

    SD Card Write: (4.1 MB/s) 41

    SD Card Read: (8.9 MB/s) 89

    CPU Frequency: 1188 MHz

    I'm using the SD card that came with the phone, so I think that's why the Write and Read score are so low, otherwise I'm very happy with the performance of this phone. I'm looking forward to reading other users results and please if you know of a good screenshot app please PM the name of it to me.

  2. Twist3d1080

    Twist3d1080 Member

    Here's a few screenshots.

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  3. epayne123

    epayne123 Well-Known Member

    Nice, i am an Esteem owner and currently have the highest AnTuTu score over there at 4905. Very decent for stock ROM over here. Very very decent.
  4. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    RAM: 968

    CPU Integer: 1529

    CPU Floating Point: 700

    2D Graphics: 304

    3D Graphics: 1284

    Database IO: 265

    SD Card Write: (4.1 MB/s) 41

    SD Card Read: (13.4 MB/s) 134

    CPU Frequency: 1188 MHz

    Total: 5225
  5. gendarme

    gendarme Active Member

    My LG Connect 4G Antutu Benchmark Results

    RAM: 974

    CPU Integer: 1600

    CPU Floating Point: 637

    2D Graphics: 150

    3D Graphics: 1219

    Database IO: 260

    SD Card Write: (6.1 MB/s) 61

    SD Card Read: (11.1 MB/s) 111

    CPU Frequency: 1188 MHz
    Total Score: 5012:eek:
  6. WeaZeL8580

    WeaZeL8580 Member

    Antutu Bench of 5302

    RAM: 1006
    CPU integer: 1615
    CPU float-point: 653
    2D Graphics: 305
    3D Graphics: 1280
    Database IO: 175
    SD Card write: (11.8 MB/s) 118
    SD Card read (15.0 MB/s) 105
    CPU Freq: 1080 MHz
    Total Score: 5302 :D

    Just went out and upgraded to this phone from the Samsung Indulge 4G and I couldnt be happier. The Indulge had a good run, but it's time for a phone that can finally keep up with the other guys. Way to go Metro!

    By the way, The phone is rooted and all metro's bloatware removed.
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  7. carolcityboyz

    carolcityboyz Well-Known Member


    RAM: 1064
    CPU integer: 1625
    CPU float-point: 720
    2D graphics: 304
    3D graphics: 1285
    Database IO: 245
    SD card write: (12.3 MB/s) 123
    SD card read: (30.9 MB/s) 194
    CPU frequency: 1188 MHz
    Total score: 5560

    Rooted with no Metro apps, only running JuiceDefender and AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.
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  8. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    RAM: 1080
    CPU integer: 1656
    CPU float-point: 713
    2D graphics: 151
    3D graphics: 1265
    Database IO: 250
    SD card write: (2.2 MB/s) 22
    SD card read: (6.7 MB/s) 67
    CPU frequency: 1188 MHz
    Total score: 5204

    Looks like I need a better SD Card? Stock phone, no roots.
  9. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Somewhat off topic but I don't see how those scores are all that great lol. I got 4068 on my crappy galaxy indulge, over clocked to 1200 MHz.

    Not hating on you guys, just saying I had expected the connect to blow my scores out of the water..

    Im still deciding on what new phone I want to get, thinking the esteem just because of its awesome dev support.
  10. pl4life52

    pl4life52 Well-Known Member

    I got a new connect today from metro ran a test on this one got 5454 and your phone is at 4000 OC our phone is 1500 more on stock rom with bloatware not OC
  11. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    this is because the bench markers only test one core not both
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  12. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    I didn't say it wasn't better lol, I said I expected more out of a phone whose specs blows mine out of the water, stock or not. Also, if you read the comments you will see that some who posted did in fact root their phone and removed bloatware.

    Just an observation and opinion, not looking to argue.

    @kiroshi I didn't know that. That may explain the lower than expected scores on my part, good info.
  13. dslaven

    dslaven Active Member

    Heres a screen shot,

    Attached Files:

  14. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    lol... just run antutu, submit score. Then in the ranks page scroll all the way down and it shows comparisons of just this device :) Me being on top for now with 5621 (Beating the LG Optimus 2X) hehe... I'm doing heavy work on my new app for this phone like I did for the esteem, hoping to release it sometime this week.
  15. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

  16. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    My highest 5664on antutu.
    When i first got phone i submitted it to
  17. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]just a new score

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  18. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    I used ROM toolbox to increase my read/write speed on my device and my benchmark tests were lower, does this make any sense? Shouldn't it go up? My read/write speeds dropped instead of increasing.
  19. johnboy829

    johnboy829 Active Member

    I got a score of 5416. I'm a new connect owner.
  20. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Write speed is just how fast the info can be downloaded to the sd card. Used mostly for recording video (this is what the class # represents).
    Read speed is how fast the info in the sd card can be read by the system (there is no standard for this and the class # has nothing to do with this).

    Download SD Tools to see what your true write/read speeds are.
    Read speed is what is the most important for an android phone. The faster the read speed the sooner the phone will fully boot up and allow you to start using your apps that are on the sd card.
    This usually has no bearing on the Benchmark test unless you try to tweak it, and will usually make it go down if you try to tweak it. The CPU is now working harder to try to read the contents of the sd card, which gives it to much to do when you try to benchmark it. Put the sd card settings back down. This will be your true benchmark.

    I have a 16GB SanDisk uSD card. Class 4. I get 39MB/s read speed with it empty. With it two thirds full I get 34MB/s read speed. Most cards cant get that, even the class 10 cards.
  21. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    i have the same sd card and same read speed but write speed says 1.4MB
    thats crazy...
  22. mtmichaelson

    mtmichaelson Well-Known Member

    Antutu does test both cores. Show me a single core that can get anywhere close lol.
  23. dulal18

    dulal18 Well-Known Member

    Holy which phone is this?
  24. uncholowapo

    uncholowapo Well-Known Member

    Its the Connect. It wouldn't be in this thread if it wasn't lol

    I wish I could get that close :(

  25. woimz

    woimz New Member

    RAM: 1099

    CPU Integer: 1663

    CPU Floating Point: 654

    2D Graphics: 304

    3D Graphics: 1270

    Database IO: 275

    SD Card Write: (9.8 MB/s) 98

    SD Card Read: (5.1 MB/s) 51

    CPU Frequency: 1188 MHz

    Rooted no mpcs apps. Not bad.

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