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  1. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Fantastic post. I don't understand 80% of it, but it sounds supreme. I don't know how to "root" this phone, but was told it voids the warranty. Don't know how to make the changes you described. How do you remove bloatware ? What removes it and what files/app do you delete ? How do you change the CPU ? Who fixes the phone if/when it goes bad ? Why doesn't LG do all this to make their product better ?

  2. markolo25

    markolo25 Well-Known Member

    1. To root go here: http://androidforums.com/connect-4g...-one-click-root-lg-connect-4g-3-3-2012-a.html

    make sure you have the drivers

    2. To Remove bloatware: http://androidforums.com/connect-4g...ip-es-file-explorer-does-everything-root.html

    3. To change the CPU clocks google "xda setCPU"

    4. When phone breaks turn on phone while holding both volume buttons to activate "download mode" and then use this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5643953/B2CAppSetup (1).exe

    NOTE:http://k0nane.info/rom/spectrum_drivers.zip is very important to do all these steps
  3. killer101

    killer101 Active Member

    lol i think im starting to see a lot of new ppl to 4g android phones where do i start mmmmmmmm, ok, first off 4g phones tend to get a little hotter then other phones that one is obvious. 4g Phones should never be charged on the bed under the pillow or in places where it can't breath, for example, you would not leave your laptop on all day in lets say a small drawer the computer will get hot and if its running something even semi big well just say bye to your laptop. I say this because your phone is always running something in the background always, and i really mean always. the phone also gets hot with the dual core phones working at 1.2 , now this you can blame LG its their job to make sure the phone can handle that heat, which brings me to what markolo25 said under clocking your phone will reduce not only battery use but also the temperature in prolonged use. your phone gets hot wen u use things like games they use alot of gpu or cpu or both just like computer the more you use the hotter it gets. The thing that markolo said is also good to calibrate battery. Another way to drop the temperature when your are charging your phone or if its on standby is to have like juice defender and have it set to kill the radios radios and having it restart when u unlock your phone doing this with juicedender will still let u get text messages and phone calls, the bad in doing this is that it lags it sometimes to bring back your radios, to bypass that you would need a switch like the 4g switch on the indulge that someone found using anycut.
  4. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Maybe you have a defective phone?
  5. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    I believe its the battery at least mine was
  6. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    killer makes a good point. you gotta let the phone breath.

    my phone has never gotten hot from just letting it charge but i was testing out some voice assistent apps last night(ex. iris) and had everything on(GPS, background data, 4g, etc) and looking at google maps with street view and the phone did get warm.
  7. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    That is something that we are considering. It might be the battery being defective as suggested. I am currently running it down to zero to try that out.
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  8. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Let me know if u want me to test any other theory's
  9. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    i ran the battery all the way down and im recharging it now.

    i dont feel comfortable rooting my phone as it kills the warranty on it and i might do something wrong and then i wont be able to do anything about it.
  10. mack50

    mack50 Member

    I rooted my phone last night but did not remove any apps, kept everything stock. Did a full charge then took it off charger overnight (for 8 hours). I'm not claiming to be a pro but here's some stuff I tried and observed about the battery, this going from stock then rooting & removing apps:

    - I checked the battery as soon as I woke up. It went from 100% to 73% with 4G service active, and Background Data on (it checks for emails, updates, etc). 32 apps were shown active but not all were actively running or in-use based on Android Mate.

    - I began removing a ton of bloatware (about 24 apps). From 73% battery, another 3 hours passed. In that time, I played 15 minutes of iGunZombie, 4G was active, Background Data on, browse through some files, and phone spent half the time sleep. Battery went from 73% to 68%. The battery life was prolonged just by removing bloated apps!

    - Another hour passed by. I turned off 4G (someone correct me if I'm wrong) by Wireless & Network Settings > Mobile Networks > Uncheck Enable Data over network. And also turned off Background Data. With 4G off, you'll still receive calls and text just not be able to use internet. Another hour passed by, battery went from 68% to 67%!

    I've yet to install setCPU, but based on what I've seen so far, if I underclock then the phone will probably last the whole day on a single charge. My results could have been better controlled but I did this on the fly. Well, I can only imagine what an extended battery will yield..
  11. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    If you are not comfortable removing bloat then use Titanium to freeze them. They are then inactive, but can be brought back any time necessary. Removing them completely is not really necessary on this phone since there is a lot of memory.
  12. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    titanium requires rooting..
  13. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    Right, but just rooting is not really dangerous. It is when people start removing apps and other more intricate things that things go bad. By freezing an app, you are not taking much of a risk.
  14. markolo25

    markolo25 Well-Known Member

    for those of you whom are overheating, do you have version ZV8 or ZV9, because currently at ZV9 i don't have any overheating issues after doing those steps i described earlier
  15. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    I was talking on my Connect for five minutes and the back cover became warm. I removed the back cover and used my lips to localize the heat. It was limited to the battery. So I turned off the phone.
  16. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    does rooting and underclocking stop the overheating problem???
  17. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    Charging alone makes it hot but not overheat. Playing 3d games on battery does. Play dead space, let a room full of baddies kill you and leave it at the continue screen and I've gotten up to 136F/59C for the battery temp. Most of the time it's normal temp but when it's that high battery drains MUCH faster. I'm gonna call today. Ironically the cpu temp is around 35-50C so the battery is my primary suspect right now.
  18. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

    I have heard that replacing the battery fixes this issue for many people. Possible bad batch of batteries.
  19. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    the only time this phone gets warm on me is when im charging it and i have a whole lot of stuff running at once.
  20. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    I got a new battery and still overheats wish they would fix cuz I can even.barley use my phone
  21. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    Hey guys the solution was right under our noses. Take the back of your phone off and take a look at the warnings. specifically it's not supposed to operate above 40C/104F, why? because batteries explode in high temperatures and if they don't, they die prematurely because heat drastically reduces their life.

    Let's all call LG today at 9PM EST and ask them what happens if the battery temperature goes higher than the rating on the battery. Then tell them about our phones being at or over that temperature during normal operation and that we consider this defective and we want a proper battery that does not do this, a full refund, or a redesigned phone that does not do this.

    I did some research. If they don't comply we have the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) that handles this kind stuff to twist their arm.
    Example from a kyocera battery recall

    Here's guidelines for water heaters (the closest I could find that had lots of temperatures, regulations and their effects to compare)
  22. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    I just spoke with someone and told them about the problems, and that I've gathered with a group of people who have the same problems. I told him the only choices given to us are to return phones at our expense and that this wasn't right and I wanted to break that cycle. I will talk to a supervisor during business hours tomorrow. So we'll see what I can do, but I'm working my way up the ladder. If you talk to them please be polite because people just shut you out and don't listen when people get testy.

    It will greatly help me if you can send in your temperature screen shots. The fastest way to get the phone to heat up is playing a 3d game, then letting it run on battery for like 1/2 hour. I'm interested in shots >40C/104F so when I talk to them I can show them proof that it's a problem for more than just myself.

    If you have dead space, set your phone to display shut off @ 30 mins, start the game, get killed by a few monsters (like 2 or 3), leave it at the red screen that says retry/continue. I used 'cool tool' to show the temp like my screenshot. Do this on battery as using it plugged in makes it run cooler because the battery isn't doing all the work. I used screenshot ER to take the screenshot.
  23. cjinca

    cjinca Active Member

    I just bought the LG Connect 4G on Friday afternoon. First smart phone, thus I know NOTHING about smart phones in general. The guy at store loaded Advanced Task Killer and instructed me to use it after every use. As he was setting up phone, he said to save the battery, ALWAYS charge for 4 hours, no less/no more. I nodded and then quickly realized how non-user friendly this was, ex: in car, battery low, need to charge but getting out of car in 30 minutes and need phone. Or, seldom being at one place for 4 hours other than night time, yet not supposed to charge OVER 4 hours. So he modified statement to 'most of the time'.

    We left town for the weekend, and I began using the navigator while charging phone. Once done with navigator, I'd gained no battery charge (in terms of bars). I don't play games and haven't watched a video other than the one he showed me in store.

    I registered for the android forums and after perusing the threads about battery life, I downloaded the Gingerbread Keyboard app.

    I want to return to store this morning and suggest that I have a defective battery but don't feel like I'm informed enough to hold an intelligent conversation. Any suggestions on how to have this battery assessed in an objective manner? The girl that has helped me in the past is super nice and so were the employees that helped me on Friday. They seem very approachable but I've never been there with a complaint. Open to all advice and thanks in advance. Feeling really uneasy about putting down the money on this phone.
  24. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    i would suggest turning these things off and only turning them on when you need them:

    4g(mobile data)
    GPS satellite
    use wireless networks
    background data
    data sync (this will be turned automatically when you turn off background data)
    set your screen brightness to auto.

    i would suggest the app "widgetsoid" which will enable you to shut these things off with one click or at least take you right to the menu where you can shut them off. go to youtube and search widgetsoid for a tutorial on how to use the app.

    charge until full. the bars for the battery change in 10% increments. there's a stock battery widget which will let you see the battery percentage digitally and also let you see what is using your battery.

    implementing these strategies for energy saving will give you an extra 3 to 4 hours of battery life depending on how you use it but the battery this phone came with i believe is simply not adequate for this device so its not gonna give you good battery life on consistent use. google "BL-44jn" and look for an extended battery for the phone.
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  25. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member


    Unfortunately the person that sold you the phone is clearly clueless. That charging scheme is ridiculous! Ignore that advice. Also, anyone with a clue about Android knows that task killers have not been useful since version 2.1 days. Remove it immediately as it is probably costing you power. Next install Juice Defender with just default settings and you should see a large improvement in battery life. There may actually be a problem with the battery for many of us, but I would wait for some of the experienced users to come up with more information before going in about it.
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