LG Connect 4G shown off in leaked renders ahead of MetroPCS launch

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    Heads up, MetroPCS customers: it looks like a new 4G Android handset is headed your way. The device you're looking at up above is reportedly dubbed the LG Connect 4G (MS840) and, according to a report from the folks at Pocketnow, it's packing a 4-inch WVGA Nova display, dual-core processor, 5-megapixel camera, VGA front-facing shooter, 4GB built-in storage and a gig of RAM. There's no word yet on when the Connect 4G might be hitting MetroPCS stores.
    It doesn't look like MetroPCS will be the only carrier to offer this LTE Android device, as it's rumored that it could also be making its way to both Verizon (model number VS840) and Sprint (model number LS840). A little bit of digging has revealed some DLNA product search results that confirm the existence of both the VS840 and LS840 as well as the fact that they pack LTE connectivity. The Verizon VS840 is described on the DLNA site as a "LTE Dual Core Smart Phone NOVA Display Stylish design," while the description for Sprint's LS840 says "4 inch NOVA Display LTE Dual Core Smart Phone for Sprint." Check out screenshots of both listings below.
    The LG Connect 4G may not be the bleeding edge handset that some MetroPCS customers are hoping for, but if its rumored spec sheet holds true, it should be a capable mid-range handset. Plus, it's good to see Metro continue to flesh out its lineup of LTE-capable devices. Interested in learning more about the Connect 4G or its Sprint and Verizon counterparts? You may want to keep your eyes and ears open during CES next week, as the big event in Vegas would be as good an event as any for the coming out party for these new handsets. Stay tuned.

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  2. wayne137

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    i think you should post this in the lg esteem section so people can actually see this

    this is an awsome phone though i might get this what is the battery life like though hopefully over 1500mAh
  3. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Looks good. Looking forward to this and whatever else MetroPCS might have up its sleeve for CES.
  4. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Metro pcs is officially been pimped...;)
  5. dose17

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    what about the samsung attain 4g??
  6. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    I like it. As long as it doesn't have a 300 dollar plus price tag I might be interested in it. I want to sell my Indulge and move the the Esteem but the price tag and lack of rooting/rom options I gotta stick with my Indulge for a little longer. Not bad though, I love my Indulge. Especially since I got the battery lasting ALL DAY. Jooosay.
  7. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Well-Known Member

    Same here. I wanted to switch from the Indulge to the Esteem, but the Esteem doesn't seem to be that big of a leap from the Indulge. If I'm gonna fork out all that money again I want to make a decent size leap. This LG Connect just might be enough to justify me switching.
  8. Jeyd02

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    Uhm. The esteem does have root and rom already. Do the search at esteem forum. ATM I'm using a custom rom deoxed and everything plus I'm overcloked at 1.9ghz...
  9. nuttmeg

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  10. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    So the Attain 4G is an Indulge with camera flash and Gingerbread? Anything else different?

    EDIT: On the MPCS website it says "900mAh", could it really have a battery that weak? Also it says "Slider", is the Attain a slider?

    EDIT 2: Here are the specs from Samsung Specs - More Cell Phone Providers SCH-R920 | Samsung Cell Phones

    Shows a front facing 1.3 camera, not a slider, 1650mAh battery, also does panoramic pictures.
  11. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    That samsung specs page also says 0.14 days standby time and 200 hours talk time lol :confused:

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