LG Connect VS LG Motion VS Coolpad Quattro 4G

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  1. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Ok I know what many people are going to say , The Motion is the best , The Motion is better and tons awesomer ,

    This is what I have to say , I need a phone with atleast a 1 Ghz processor , Half a gigabyte of ram , and less than $170 , the Motion is a great phone but I really need a 3.7 inch screen or bigger for myself , My prefered screen sizes are 3.7,4.8,5.3 inches , But 4 inches is great as well

    Now I have some more things to say , The motion is $170 at my local store , plus $15 to switch

    The Connect , I will need a USED replacement , for $100 , in 4-7 shipping days which is alot extra time , considering I will buy one of these in THREE (3) (TRES) weeks! and I only have 3 weeks , 1 Day? of service left!

    The Coolpad interests me a bit , since it has a 4 inch screen , No Memory basicly (I have a 8gb SD card so I don't care) a 3.2 megapixel camera (Samsung admire vs lg connect camera basicly , no difference ) and it looks tons like touchwiz , and allmost fully stock with a 4G LTE mobile hotspot (PLUS) since it never worked with root on LG connect , Not even when I had Broken Out ROM...

    I know some will say , Wait for the connect , or Get the Motion! , or choose what YOU want , I don't know what I want I need some help , Please help me choose , I would like to see people like Shino4757 making reviews of the Coolpad Quattro 4G but he apparently made a video saying "#!@* DAT PHONE!" and only one other people made a cheap review , No camera review and nothing interesting that he put in the video since he was very unprofessional , so if you can make a comparison , I just want a phone better than my old Samsung Exhibit II 4G from Tmobile , That thing was great and I want something a BIT better than it ,

    Preferred specs
    - 3.7 Inch screen (Or More)
    - 1GHz processor (Or More)
    - 512 MB of RAM (Or More)
    - 4G LTE (Maybe a 3G phone if available and good)
    - 4G LTE Hotspot
    - 3 Megapixel Camera (Or More , but allmost NEVER use a camera)

    A phone good for games , texts , web , and maybe a few calls , Mostly gaming and texting

    Games that I use - Dead Space , Need For Speed Shift , Hot Pursuit , Angry Birds Rio , Death Racing , Traffic Control , NBA Jam , ETC

    Tell me if those games can run on the Coolpad (I know they run on the Connect/Motion)

  2. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well, I have a connect and a motion. No experience with the Coolpad.

    Based on specs alone I can say that you will probably run into issues playing games like dead space on the Quattro. If they will play you will likely get lag and stutter due to the limitations on its cpu and available ram.

    The Quattro has zero in its favor vs the connect, and only screen size over the Motion, and that's a marginal difference. Both the connect and the Motion perform well in all of your requirements, and both are head and shoulders above the Quattro in terms of performance.

    The real question is whether you should buy a connect or a motion. If the screen is super important to you, you may want to look at the connect.
    However, other than the screen, the Motion is better in every way. Faster, cheaper, it doesn't overheat (connect overheats without fail), the battery can last over a day on the stock battery (the connect battery will last about 6-9 hours only with the stock battery, up to 9 IF you keep 4g off). Motion has ics.

    I love the connect. I love my motion better. You can spend 100 bucks more for the connect and get a better screen, but a phone with a bad battery, overheating issue and a bit slower. Or, you can spend the same amount and get the Quattro, getting a very slightly larger screen and a slower, old generation technology android with no benefits over either of the other 2 that may or may not play your games well.

    Or you can spend the same on the Motion as you would on the Quattro, get a phone better in every way, as well as being 100 cheaper than the connect and just deal with the slightly smaller screen.
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  3. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Well , You might think me as crazy but , I think I might cross off Motion from my options , It may be faster , ETC , but I need something bigger than 3.7 inches. and I don't think the games will be a problem anymore as I found my Motorola XOOM in my cabinet , and I have a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX as a back up which will now be a gaming device! I like the Connect it is just great but I need to get a $100 connect (Replacement by Metro Insurance) USED , and no battery,sim,or battery door cover! Just the phone , Now it is fast and great! , The Quattro is a bit slower but that means better battery and the battery is bigger! Also I dont care about Memory as I have a 8GB SD Card , I don't know why but I feel like the Quattro might be right for me , I feel like someone needs to talk me out of it! :p
  4. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Well i just got offerred 200 for my connect and hmmm I'm thinking about it. I mean i suffered 3 years with a 3.5 inch screen phone and FINALLY got to a bigger size and i love it!! But honestly no one can say otherwise, that with the motion out (new technology) Deving for the connect is pretty much dead and old news i mean if the current rom out hasn't been updated in 2 months or more with still bugs i pretty much consider it dead. But at least the connect has root and awesome kernels.... and well i don't get a phone without root. I'm hoping the motion doesnt take long in getting rooted... Blah ill see what to do...
  5. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    The Quattro will be more than a bit slower lol.

    Economically it makes no sense. For around the same price tag you can get a phone insanely better. It's like being given a choice between an old 27 inch crt tv, or a 42 inch lcd hdtv for the same price.

    Buying the Quattro would be like buying the crt lol. Makes no sense. :p
  6. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    the motion battery is bigger than the quattro battery.

    motion = 1700mah
    quattro = 1600mah

    a slower phone means more lag and more burn on the battery as the phone will have to work harder to accomplish the same tasks that better phones do. on top of simply not being able to do things a better phone can do at all.

    not trying to sway you either way, just giving you the facts.

    looks like you need to figure out what you're willing to compromise as each phone has things you dont like.

    another option would be to wait for the ZTE anthem. it might come out within 3 weeks.
  7. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    I'll be completely honest with you, just from reading all of you posts around the forum here it seems to me that you already knw what you want but you just want someone else to tell you that your choice is good and to go for it. Unfortunately it seems that everyone here feels the choice your subconscious has made isnt the best choice, but its really up to you. It doesn't really matter what we think its you that has to use it and live with the choice you decided to spend your money on, so I say go ahead and buy the quattro : D ( I go thru the same thing when buying something new lmao)
  8. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the replies , Now I actually can choose between the Motion and Quattro (Nah , LG Connect is kinda dead like flakito said)

    Actually "THE W" I had a Samsung Admire with a 800 MHz processor , and a 1600 MAH battery and with battery saver , It lasted weeks on a charge! It was on 3G always!

    With LG Connect , The 1.2 dual core and 1540 MAH Battery with battery saver with ONLY 3G on always only lasted a 8-10 hours , that is poor

    If the same logic works with the Coolpad , I could most likely get 5+ days out of it , I like games but I do have my tablet

    Now Shatterproof , you are a good person and you have a great idea....

    Now considering I did some thinking , I know I should choose myself , but I have a question...... What would any of you prefer , Just a random question

    1. LG Motion , Faster , Smaller , $168 at store , But walking with a thick little phone with ICS , when tons of other phones are better , a 3.5 inch screen but you can play top games


    2. A big looking phone with sort of Nice UI with the same hotspot , 1 GHz (Not that slow , my admire was FAST for 800 MHz) Half a Gig of RAM (Friend has Samsung Exhibit 2 with almost same specs and it is a great phone) nice screen , nice design at front

    Now side comments - I really like ICS , Dont like a 3.5 inch screen alot though , Really like the space of the quattro , Don't like the small feeling and cheap look of the Motion , so what do you choose , ( 1 and get fast but people will most likely annoy you about size (Happened with my admire and I got so pissed about dumb (_@$# I wanted to destroy it! People need facts! Not everyone with a iphone thinking its the fastest thing around!) or 2 (Get a big phone with a nice design but get unnapealing specs

    Please Help , My mind is just plain dumb , I know which one is better , which is bigger , but I wish there was a phone in the middle , but there isn't , The connect is the specs , and the size , but not the ICS!

    Grrrr Bad Mental Problems (LOL , I do not have mental issues , or do IIIII? Hmmmm I will ask my doctor)

    -Mike from Verizon Wireless at Peabody,MA
    "Verizon is the best carrier in the USA covering 98% of Americans , Introducing the new SHAREverthing plan , the first of its kind , Check online for more details , Only at select stores!"
  9. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    Your the only person I know that brings down the lg motion and praises the coolpad, lol. Every one else's is backwards. Go with the coolpad. :)
  10. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    4G chip vs. no 4G chip. huge difference. you'll see when you get the quattro.

    what did you do on the connect compared to the admire?

    and it looks like i've found someone who prefers bigger screens over far superior specs and capability. haha
  11. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I have no overheats on my connect and regularly get well over 20 hours of battery life. With moderate use. I shudder to think how much time people are spending on the connect to just get 8-10 hours of battery life.

    The overheating on the phone should have been fixed for you with the last update.

    I do not think the motion has anything substantial to offer to get rid of the connect. A smaller screen is a major downgrade IMO.
  12. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    Oh so now it's a down grade lol. I remember when people left the esteem for the connect and they kept saying screen size did not matter. :p:D
  13. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    And I did it again going from the connect to the Motion and I still say screen size doesn't matter :p
  14. pcgamer

    pcgamer Well-Known Member

    If you want a 3.7' screen, why not just get the motion.? Its only .2' less...
  15. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    i dont disagree with you, accept for the screen thing.

    the only reason im going for the motion is because its cheap enough where i can flip my connect to pay for it. if im not able to sell it im not gonna get the motion and i'll just wait it out with the connect for the S3.
  16. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Never had an esteem. The connect is the biggest screen I have had so far.:D

    I would hurry. When word gets out that the connect is available new for $199 you will see the price drop on ebay and elsewhere for used.
  17. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    the $199 price is only when buy two phones. $250 if you buy one.
  18. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    I don't praise a bigger screen than specs really , Since when I saw the connect I had the choice of that one or some other samsung phone on boost mobile that had a 5.3 inch display (Monster size!) Though the connect was awesome and fast , the Other phone was a sluggish 800 MHz with a 324 MB of RAM , Android 2.3.4 , and a ugly basic version of touchwiz (Touchwiz is great but that looked nothing like it!)

    At this point < I think I will need to go with the LG Motion but , thing that is bad , No root for both phones (Motion and Coolpad) and I know the coolpad won't get any devs at all , and the motion might get a bit less than the connect , most people do it to popular phones like the SGS III
  19. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    If the LG Motion gets root then I will get it most likely , Since I use LCD Density and No Frills CPU Control , so I want root , if not atleast android 4 but

    Is there any phone that has a decent screen and specs just to make sure the metro website is correct or something XD

    I am currently with my LG Viper with sprint (My friend got me activated for free , He is a clerk there) and I am so tired of it , LAG LAG LAG , and it cant even play a simple angry birds without going crazy and closing it! I cant stand it , Just give it to a friend :)..... Anyways

    And to answer some person ,
    I used to play heavy games like Dead Space or something on the Connect , On the admire most basic games , and on both , Use Phandroid alot for news , appy geek , alot of web ,

    Now the admire is a 3.5 inch screen , From a person who has had basic phones , normal "feature phones" Motorola i465 , Samsung Messanger 2 , etc ...

    To some slider phones running on a older OS

    To some blackberrys (great for music , bad for apps)

    To a older androids , like Motorola Backflip

    To the iphone 4S *the iphone screen looks great for the iphone but not for android I have no idea why"

    To tons and tons of newer androids running 2.3 and foward , of all screens sizes , None smaller than 3.5

    I have my samsung admire in my hands (Doesnt work at all!!!!!) and i look at the screen and I am like "DO I HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS!!!!" Lol , Maybe I am just thinking to much about what others think or what people will say when they see my small motion or big coolpad , or when they will compare it , Lol I do like the have big and fast , like a S3 or a S2 or something but fast/small/HD videos for my youtube
    or slower / 3.2 megapixel / bigger

    Anyone can make a comparison or a video of a coolpad at a store if they are turned on , my corporate store does not have a working one , nor a model...

    But I did apply at a corporate store to be a Clerk and help people there , It says some metro employees get a 50% discount on everything , interesting , Never heard of it but if I get accepted maybe it counts as a half of a motion or something , Waiting today to get a answer about that
  20. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    "Do I have mental problems" most likely... Just get the Motion already... Then you could tell me something cool about the phone that I didn't know. I got it for the kid and she's like whatever. She has a neat phone and could care less about it.
  21. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Because all kids because , Size is better or iPhones are the only good ones , that is what we learn here , I want to see Obama saying "Androids are better" in his opinion or something , everyone is mean when you have a android and they have a iPhone 4S
  22. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Should have gotten her a cheaper phone like those ZTE Score M or a samsung admire or something , if she wont use it and doesnt care about it....Then why get her the best phone on the MetroPCS market? That phone is tied with the SGS III , I think a 2nd best , since it beats the HTC One X (The top 3rd one)
  23. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    the only phone on the market with a screen that size and that's made by samsung is the galaxy note. it definitely isnt on boostmobile and has way better specs than that.

    Samsung GALAXY Note LTE specs
  24. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    you figure for $50 more you get a phone that is 50x better and is LTE capable.

    if he got it with another phone then he'd get it as the same price as those phones.

    on topic, as already mentioned, i really think you should get what YOU want and not worry about what other people think unless they want to buy the phone for you.
  25. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Thanks but I got the motion , I want to use LCD Density but then most apps are incompatible , also a ton of games wont work , I buy and they say "Incompatible , Please Request a Refund" so I loose like 6 dollars , Not a big deal but I get mad , Money for nothing , I like the stock browser but I really want a launcher that makes everything neat , I need to go back to LG Motion forums before I go crazy , I can still help with the connect but not alot

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