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  1. peakcelln

    peakcelln Member

    I am a Old School Small Cell Repair/Refurbish shop and don't deal alot with Software. I took a seemingly new E739 on trade. The phone did not have a battery or a back but looked brand new including the original lcd tape over the digitizer, with what all the keys do, written on it. The IMEI didnt match the box it came with, so I figured it was an Assurian warranty or Insurance trade. However, it didnt have any of the Assurian stickers on the back behind the battery either, just the OEM LG stuff.

    Anyway, I have been looking for a few weeks for the battery back and finally found one and ordered it along with a new OEM battery.

    As soon as I pluuged it in, the lcd flashes for a fraction of a second then a 2-3 second break and it does it again. No other lights come on.

    I tried the reset option(Volume key down, Power button, 3 sec, and menu and back soft keys). As soon as I hit the soft keys the flashing stops(I have to keep it plugged in because the battery is dead). But then nothing happens. I have kept it in that position for a few minutes, then took out battery and tried to continue the reset, but it still does the flashing thing until I hit the two soft keys.

    I dont want to open it up, because I'm going to try and return it first. But based on 20 years doing this, it's not the LCD, watermarks are fine, so it's gotta be the MoBo or software. Maybe I got a bad battery? Unlikely, but possible. Anyone have any ideas? Thanx in adavance.

  2. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    What happened with this phone you took in? Did you ever get the issue resolved or did you just simply return it?
  3. peakcelln

    peakcelln Member

    Neither, It's still here in my shop. If it was a Samsung, I might have attempted to send it back to Samsung and had them fix or replace it; but my experience with LG has been way different; unless they've changed in the last couple of years. Previously, they didnt even have a place to send their phones to if you couldnt send it back to the SP. May be it's changed now.

    I was really hoping someone here had a solution or a quick fix, but I guess not.
  4. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    I might be able to help you fix it, but it will require obtaining a backup copy of the phone's ROM and the Android SDK package from google. There are no guarantees once you get the phone up and running again that the ESN isn't flagged though...

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